Social Media Comes Together to Tell Stories

News, information and stories are becoming increasingly shared and publicized through various forms of social media.  Whether it’s via a blog, Twitter, Instagram, or another social network, stories are continuously being updated and shared online.

Storify allows users to compile information on specific topics from various social networks to create a complete story.  Once a topic or subject for a story is selected, social media updates, photos, videos, posts, etc. can be added to the story.  As more information on the topic is made available, the story can be edited and added to.

Storify combines information from social media networks to create a complete story.

Similar to a blog, Storify allows users to add their own input – text, links, headlines, etc. – to make more sense of the story.

Over the last few days, Storify has been a topic of great discussion at the SXSW (South by Southwest) Conference taking place in Austin, Texas.  Storify co-founder, Bert Herman, along with other professionals, gave a presentation earlier today describing how to use Storify to turn data into maps of time.  The features Storify has to offer allow users and viewers to get a more complete story over time that includes context, opinions, updates, and visuals all at once.

As the use of Storify increases and the popularity of the site grows, the quick sharing of stories and information will become even faster, allowing stories to go viral almost immediately.

The KONY 2012 campaign is a perfect example.  (See Erin McHenry’s post “Impact of viral KONY 2012 video on Journalism” for more information on the campaign.)  Storify has taken the story of people’s reactions to KONY 2012 and compiled several Facebook updates, tweets, blog posts, news stories and videos to create a story, or page, where various forms of media provide various sides of the story.  The constant updates and different viewpoints allow the information to be more easily spread.

Social media is becoming more and more important in our daily lives, especially in regard to journalism.  I think Storify is a perfect way to put the information from social networks to good use and to become more informed about the topics being discussed.

How do you think including the different elements of social media is helpful to completing a story? Why is it important to get information from a variety of social media sources?


2 responses to “Social Media Comes Together to Tell Stories

  1. I think this is genius! So many sites are connected through various sites, but there did not seem to be one place to see it all. If I understand this correctly, this seems to be the future of social media if it catches on.

  2. Elizabeth Robinson

    Isn’t it great?! I think it’s so useful and actually just really interesting. Just by researching it I was able to learn a lot about topics that I didn’t know much about before simply by reading the stories that people have compiled.

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