Why Pinterest Is Popular

By Andrea Crowley

Now with over 10.4 million registered users, Pinterest has become all the rage in the social media world.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it,” says Erik Qualman, founder of Socialnomics.

And in a tech-savvy generation that grew up with social media, Pinterest is doing just that. According to research conducted by Strategic America, Pinterest is driving more traffic to websites than Google+YouTube, and LinkedIn combined.

For those who do not know, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows its users to organize and share photos of things they admire or love, with followers. From gorgeous wedding gowns and adorable pictures of babies, to Ninja Turtle cupcake recipes and funny quotes from movies like Bridesmaids, Pinterest allows you to pin whatever your heart desires.

Images can be pinned to personally categorized boards via website URLs and personal computer uploads. Each pin using the Pin It button will automatically lead you back to the pin’s original site each time it is clicked on.


Above is a snapshot of my personal Pinterest account. I have been an avid user of Pinterest since October 2011.

This feature is not only convenient for the user to find similar photos or recipes they might like from the site, but also drives traffic for those websites the pins initially came from, which can be a great marketer and up the site’s number of referrals.

The majority of sites users choose to upload from are women’s lifestyle, home decor and cooking magazines. With that, Pinterest has become the number one traffic driver for women’s publications – some of which include House BeautifulCountry Living and marthastewartweddings.com.

Pinterest serves as a dream board for many of its users. It’s a virtual getaway that caters to women and the design community. Here are some questions to consider as Pinterest continues to become more popular:

  • Should Pinterest be used an acceptable “online portfolio” for those interested in fields of design?
  • Should we pin resumes and articles/clips?
  • How does Pinterest compare to sites like StumbleUpon? Which do you prefer?
  • For those who enjoy collaging and design, do you prefer the online boards or the physical act of collaging? (Clips, glue, scissors and all).
  • Is it as socially acceptable for men to have Pinterest accounts?

Visit Pinterest and discover what all the fuss is about. Who knows, you may create an account and discover that you, too, may have an eye for design!

Also check out Drake’s very own Pinterest page. According to Strategic America in Des Moines, Drake University’s student-run Pinterest account was named one of the top 10 accounts to follow!


3 responses to “Why Pinterest Is Popular

  1. I have to say I was skeptical to join Pinterest. My close friend started telling me about it last summer. At the time, I felt with school, work and keeping up with my Facebook and Twitter accounts I couldn’t possibly add another social network. This winter I cracked. I joined. It took me a while to get to get the hang of it, but now I love it! I like the idea that there is one place I can go to find ideas for about anything! I’m not a great cook or designer, so seeing other people’s ideas is great for me! I think Pinterest is a great tool and if people can use it as an online portfolio, I say go for it!

    • I totally agree. I never would have even gotten a Pinterest if you hadn’t invited me last semester in J91! It really is a great way to find ideas on just about anything out there. As far as the online portfolio goes, I wonder what employers would consider design-worthy, and whether or not some accounts would even be looked at depending on what that person pins. You’d have to be very serious about it and boards would be need to be very detailed and tightly categorized.

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