Creative Freedom Through Viral Video Marketing

Posted by: Megan Berberich

Ok Go doesn’t only have great music, but is one of the smartest bands in the business. Ok Go’s video “Here it Goes Again” was one of the first to go viral and is named one of the 50 best videos on Youtube by Time Magazine. For years, Ok Go has released insanely creative videos including creating a Rube Goldberg machine in ‘This Too Shall Pass” and choreographing a dance with dogs for “White Knuckles.” Leader singer Damian Kulash has been marketing his band by making creative videos and letting them spread all across the Internet.

Ok Go and Chevy:

Kulash had big plans for the band’s next video “Needing/Getting”, so big that he didn’t think he would be able to cough up the costs on his own.

Kulash explains to an article for Paste magazine that, “one of his friends working in Chevy’s ad agency had, “heard around the agency that Chevy was looking for outside-the-norm ideas to try to market their new car.”

Kulash jumped on the opportunity and Chevy partnered with the band to create their music video and a minute commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

This partnership is unique in that the band had full creative freedom to create the video, while in the past the large corporations had all of the input.

Video Marketing is the Future:

Jeremy Scott from REELSO, a viral video marketing website, sees this sponsorship as a positive step towards many more future endeavors to come.

“In the coming years, we’re going to see more and more of this sort of thing from major brands like Chevy. They’ll go out and find some really creative musicians, artists, animators, or whatever… and throw some money at them to do something big and amazing–sponsored by Chevy, of course–and everyone will win.”

  • Do you see this viral marketing strategy being a positive move for both the music and marketing industries?
  • What may be some negative outcomes?
  • Have you seen any other instances of this similar band/company sponsorship?

2 responses to “Creative Freedom Through Viral Video Marketing

  1. I think this is a really interesting new way to look at advertising. Writing and advertising have been pared for centuries and there has been a continuous ongoing debate about the ratio of advertisements to editorial. But now, music and video are going to have to fight the same war. I think that advertising can cloud the pure creativity of music and other outlets, but I don’t think that we will lose purely creative work, either. It will be a balance, just like in newspapers and magazines.

  2. I agree that a balance must be maintained. If musicians and companies can build relationships than this new sponsorship idea can really take off.

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