Five crucial interview tips

The last step of the application process is the most crucial: the final interview. Everything seems to be running smoothly, but you don’t want to make  blunders that could sink your potential successful career. Follow these tips to create a successful interview experience.

  1. Timing. That saying “Early bird gets the worm” is true. If you show up late to your interview you are doomed from the start. Showing up to your interview just a few minutes late can leave a bad impression on your future employer. Leave as early as possible. Even if you have to wait in your car and read a book, it’s better than showing up late.
  2. Appearance. Attire worn to the interview is even more important. If you have any questions, dress up, not down. Even if a company is casual, wearing a suit never hurts. Be modest, make sure the outfit you wear, doesn’t detract from what comes out of your mouth.
  3. Know the Company. You must know the company you are applying for. Employers hate it when they receive vague answers after they ask, “What do you know about our company?” Going onto the company’s website is the first step in alleviating this problem. Know the company’s main goal and mission statement, see how you fit into the mix.
  4. Stay Calm. Some questions (besides number four) can throw the interviewee off guard. “Why did you leave your last job?, What are your strengths and weakness?, and Tell me about yourself?” are all question that can trip people up. Because most companies ask the same questions, prepare by writing out these questions in advance. You will feel more relaxed and confident in the interview. If the employer asks you a questions you aren’t prepared for, take a deep breath and stay calm. Answer to the best of your ability but always keep a positive body language.
  5. Smile. You may be terrified, but a smile goes a long way. It shows the employer you are friendly and would be good person to work with in the future.

Photo by bpsusf on Creative Commons


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