The Purpose of Political Tweets

Posted by McKenzie Anderson

A screenshot of Newt Gingrich's twitter.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never been big into politics. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been old enough to vote, or perhaps it’s because I don’t like to watch people argue. Regardless of the reason, I’ve found it exceedingly difficult to continue to remove myself from the political scene in recent years. The culprit? Social media.

Follow one politician on Twitter and you’ll get more than your fair share of political expression. Even a website was made, called Politics Tweet, that posts all politician’s tweets so you can find them easier; in one place at one time. But is this marketing strategy really paying off for our political leaders (Or those who are trying to be political leaders, at least)?

Newt Gingrich has 1,429,458 followers. Mitt Romney has 301,278. Ron Paul has 219,578. And that’s just naming three. By searching these prominent political figures on Twitter, you can tell the impact they’ve made among Twitter users.

Earlier this month, mediabistro did some Twitter research and found a few facts about our tweeting politicians. In their article, Who’s The Republican Frontrunner According To Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC], they look at the four Republican frontrunners; Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. They take into account their amount of followers, their retweets per followers, mentions and a number of other factors. Their infographic proves that social media is advancing the political scene.

With Twitter being constantly updated, politicians can be aware of what the public is talking about at the click of a refresh button. By using clever hashtags and adding in important links, candidates can quickly get their message out. And by having those tweets retweeted, candidates are using their voice and letting others use it for them.

So what’s the main purpose for political tweets?

Maybe it’s a marketing strategy to get the younger generation involved. Maybe it’s just a much easier way to get their political stance out there and keep people informed. Whatever it is, they’ve clearly done their job. They even have me clicking their links and reading up on political candidates. And all it took was 140 characters or less.


One response to “The Purpose of Political Tweets

  1. I love the ending line of this, it’s a great snapshot of the way that politics and other important topics are getting addressed. I think it’s really interesting how they are trying to get the younger generation interested.

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