New Message: You’re Hired

by Emily Tozer

As college students, especially in the school of journalism, we know how to use social media. We know why we should be using it, how various companies and publications are using it, and how its use has grown exponentially in the past few years. We know to clean up our profiles or timelines to keep it professional, and what the consequences might be if we do not. But have you ever thought of using your Facebook account to score your dream job?

A recent Mashable article said that 18,400,000 Americans said they got their current job through Facebook. To put that in perspective, that’s more than the populations of NYC and L.A. combined.  That’s compared to 10.2 million who said they got their jobs through LinkedIn, the social networking site built specifically for business. The study, combining data from Jobsite, CNN, LinkedIn, and JobSearch, shows that the typical social media job-hunters are college graduates under 40.

Social Media isn’t the most popular way people are finding jobs…yet. Referrals, newspapers, and company career sites still top “online social network.” But it wasn’t too long ago when more people emailed or instant messaged than Facebook chatted and tweeted.

Mashable’s Job Search Series offers weekly advice on how to land jobs using social media. Do you think this is a good system? Would you apply for a job over a social media site?

Photo by Zach Klein


One response to “New Message: You’re Hired

  1. I’m still wary about using social media sites to directly get a job, but I think more informal sites such as Facebook and Twitter are great for communicating and networking, which is an important factor in a job search.

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