Innovation in College Journalism Programs

Posted by Courtney Broyles
The Drake University School of Journalism and Mass Communication continually receives national recognition for many of its student-created publications and projects. Last fall, a staff of senior magazine journalism students ambitiously decided to break the mold and create a new digital publication. Aptly titled Urban Plains, the magazine sought to deliver the latest and most interesting news about people and places found in urban areas in the Midwest.
This fall senior magazine journalism majors are striving to carry on the tradition of excellence by creating an innovative, iPad application. The iPad application, the second edition of Urban Plains, will be among the nation’s first student publications created exclusively for the iPad. The free application will hit the iTunes store in late December 2011.
Urban Plains is first of many and reflects on the demand for colleges to evolve in their programs and their technology.
In an infographic published in MPR On Campus, students say they are looking for jobs with the technology their learning in school and use on a daily basis. It is obvious that journalism students are yearning for a rapid-paced industry that changes the way people perceive the media. Urban Plains and the programs that will branch from this new beginning teach students the bigger picture of media today: branding, publishing, metrics, and telling stories in new and innovative ways.
Are you a journalism student or professional? What would you like to see more of in college journalism programs today? 
Visit the Urban Plains website for more information about the staff, the stories and the creation of one of the first student-created all-digital publications. Don’t have an iPad to view the magazine app? Check out the pdf web edition online coming soon.

One response to “Innovation in College Journalism Programs

  1. It’s so exciting to be a part of a program that is embracing new technology and changes in the industry–it makes me feel that much more prepared for when I finally graduate. I’m proud to say I’ve written for both the iPad app and website and also attended the pin-up last month, and I can’t wait for the launch: It looks great! Congrats to the entire staff for a job well done.

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