Save Money with Smartphone Apps on Black Friday

by Marina Shawd

Think about your smartphone. It’s filled with apps to make your life simple and access to information more convenient. Count the number of apps that help you spot retail deals or help you save money. Are you surprised?

Photo by Marina Shawd

This year Black Friday shoppers are planning to take advantage of their smartphones. And retail stores are ready for the comparison shopping.  A Mobiledia article found physical retailers like Lowe’s are arming their employees with smartphones to play defense against the comparison shopper. These companies fear they are losing physical shoppers to the digital realm. (And if it means sleeping a few more hours, who wouldn’t turn to digital deals instead?)

While smartphone apps may be pulling shoppers out of stores, they are also bringing people in. A Des Moines Register article featured an Urbandale woman who planned her shopping trip via smartphone. She is using it as an organizational tool, keeping lists of what to purchase and where the best in-store deals are. Of course she also uses it to comparison shop with apps for scanning barcodes and nearby discounts.

By using smartphones to shop, consumers are becoming more aware of their options, both in-store and through online stores. If these consumers find a better price online, sales numbers for retailers could take a hit.

How can stores find a way to benefit from smartphone usage? Some are offering smartphone-only deals while the consumer is in the store. Would that be enough for you to purchase in-store versus an online-only retailer?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below! (and Happy Shopping!)


3 responses to “Save Money with Smartphone Apps on Black Friday

  1. It would be a dream if smartphone apps would help my black Friday shopping! Every year, my entire family (including extended family) sits down and comes up with a plan of attack for our shopping on Friday. It’s like a big Thanksgiving tradition for all of us. Smartphones already help us out by being able to take pictures of store maps and sharing them with each other as well as texting what we’ve gotten on our lists or using a Walkie-Talkie app. If some stores could find ways to send out notifications of hourly deals or when their stores open via an app, it would help out tremendously. Smartphone deals would definitely be enough for me to go in-store shopping, but that might be just because I’m already so into black Friday shopping with my family! Overall though, I think the more technologically advanced the stores become for black Friday, the better!

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