Condé Nast Launches

Posted By Jeff Nelson

Model Lindsey Wixsom graces the cover of the first issue of magazine | Photo via

In an increasingly digital age where print publications are relocating to online outlets, Condé Nast site is reversing the status quo.

The website, which launched back in 2000, features up-to-date fashion news and runway reports. This content will now be available via glossy magazine with, available on newsstands this month.

Much of the magazine’s concise content is similar to what can be found on the Internet. Design-driven layouts dominate the publication, which covers the Spring 2012 season. Highlights include in-depth coverage of fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, as well as top picks from the editors and an anthology of A-listers decked in designer wear.

The new title offers some thoughtful, editorial-based content, too. Articles and Q-and-A’s on industry greats such as Proenza Schouler and Donatella Versace receive spreads. And there’s also an intriguing photo essay on 17-year-old cover model/Kansas-native Lindsey Wixsom.

With easy-to-read front-of-book flip-throughs and striking visuals, brings a fresh face to fashion journalism. It isn’t free, though. The mag was available for early order online for $4.99, plus shipping, but the off-the-stand price rings in at a tall $14.99.

Time will tell if Condé Nast’s newest venture in fashion media will pay off, but it’s an exciting time for print, nonetheless, and may spark a new trend in publishing.

What do you think—will flop, or will it prove to be a genius niche-marketing plan by a publishing giant?


5 responses to “Condé Nast Launches

  1. I’ll be interested in seeing if this publication takes-off. Many websites have created ancillary publications and products to boost their brand and interact more with their audience.
    I think is making a move in the right direction. They are tapping into a fruitful readership and a good market for advertising. I hope they find a way to diversify themselves though as a publication in order to stay in the game.

  2. The pull here is full-color photography and glossy pages, which are still part of the fashion experience. Readers simply don’t get the same experience clicking through web pages. Although the newsstand price sounds high, this magazine could be successful because fashion readers make up such a dedicated audience. It’s an interesting move on Conde Nast’s part, but I can see the potential here.

  3. Emily - Drake University

    I really hope this new magazine succeeds; it would be an ego boost to the industry to say the least. But $14.99?! I was extremely excited until I got to that part. However, the fashion world is probably the only place they can get away with such a steep price. I’ll be interested to see how they go about transferring content to a print publication since much of the website revolves around click-through links, slideshows, and video.

  4. The fashion industry is all about print, glossy photos so I can definitely see this magazine surviving. In any other world, I’d say forget it, but in the eyes of a fashionista, this is marvelous! Personally I enjoy the print versions of every type of media, but to have full page color photos of the latest in fashion is a no-brainer to me! The price is very steep, but I feel like they can definitely make it in the fashion world!

  5. I agree with what all of you are saying. I think that is reaching such a niche market that it has the potential to be successful. Chances are, the target demographic won’t bat a lash at the price.

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