Social Media Recruiting

By: Hilary Gibney

After a week of journalism days at Drake University, it got me thinking a lot about all the different tasks I need to do to prepare myself for my future. Social media was obviously a major focus. And after all the speeches about the ‘Brand of You’, LinkedIn, and the perfect resumes, I decided to explore more ways to promote myself in a positive light to future employers through social media.

My discovery – Social Media Recruiting. This is a great way for future employers to find potential job candidates through the use of social media. Mashable found out some tips from the experts for those of us getting started with this newer process. With employers focusing more and more about our online image these tips are nothing but helpful.

1. Start Early

If you’re interested in a company start tweeting and posting links about them early on. Companies care about reaching their target audience, and if you’re helping them promote their brand, that is a positive reference the company can look back on. It’s better for you to make connections early on with different companies before they are even considering you as a future employer.

2. Know your Audience

Debbie Fisher, Campbell Mithun’s human resources manager, used Twitter as a recruiting tool when looking for summer interns, and said, “You have to think about the types of roles you’re recruiting for…” College students may be more open about their job hunt and what they are looking for, whereas older professionals might not be as comfortable announcing it to the public. In these cases, LinkedIn is a good place to start because it allows people to put their resumes online where employers can access them at all times.

3. Get Creative

Mashable’s blogger, Anna Lindow, says,

“Additionally, presenting your job openings in a creative way allows companies to show more about their personalities as organizations, which in turn helps potential candidates get a feel for whether or not the culture is likely to be a good fit.”

This is great advice because any company can be hiring, and any prospective employee can apply. It really does make a difference when the company shows you exactly what they want in a candidate by the way they present a job opening.

This is a creative way to put a job ad out.

4. Be Open in Return

The publicity of putting private information online has and will always be a concern. Both you and the company you’re applying for need to be conscience of this issue. This issue gives you, the candidate, a more creative opportunity to put all the necessary information out there, but at the same time protecting your private information. Companies realize and recognize this when it is done.

Does anyone have any other tips that have worked for them in the past or that they have heard of with great online successes?


3 responses to “Social Media Recruiting

  1. Obviously in the J-School, professors and advisors are preaching the importance of social media use in career advancement, so it’s always in the back of my mind. These are some great tips, though. It’s interesting to see other outlets aside from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogging that are out there. I’ll definitely be checking a few of them out.

  2. Since our social media world is always changing or updating, it always nice to hear the new opporutnities that are out there, and different ways people have gotten certain opportunities or internships! As college students we always need to be at the top of out game, and now what we can do to better ourselves with our online image!

  3. Very cool discovery. I have a friend who works for a lot of the start-ups in Des Moines, like Dwolla and some others. He got all of his jobs from social media and functions where he met and stayed in touch with professionals via Twitter. He swears by Twitter and thinks that you should always interact with people and brands in your industry via social media in order to be knowledgeable on their up-to-date progress and they are more likely to remember you.

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