Comedian Criticizes Social Media Addiction

Posted by: Megan Stein

Comedian Louis C.K. is convinced that if Jesus returned to earth we would all be too busy Tweeting about it to realize what is happening. During his visit on the Conan O’Brien show, Louis C.K. criticized the way we use social media during events. Charlie White, a writer for Mashable, wonders if he may have a point. Social media has us looking at a screen instead of appreciating what is happening before our eyes.

Although Louis C.K. had a humorous angle on the topic, he brings up a good point. Instead of focusing on what is happening at the current time, we are concentrating on Tweeting about them or snapping pics to add to our Mobile Uploads on Facebook. Social networking sites such as Fampus for college campuses encourage students to take pictures of events and post them to the live feed of the site so viewers can stay constantly updated. The need to stay in the loop often times outweighs experiencing something without the use of social media. 

Video provided by TeamCoco via YouTube

According to an article on the Social-Able website, social media is major part of our lives. The article lists the top ten reasons to use social media, most involving business or promotion. If social media is primarily used to get support for ideas or products, why do we feel the need to use it as a basis for discussion about every aspect of our every day?

The answer is simple. We are interested in what our peers are doing. Louis C.K. may be an exception to this rule, but most celebrities, companies and every day people have found social media to be an entertaining and successful way to share our lives with those interested enough to press the “follow” button on Twitter. The three inch screen that is our smart phone doesn’t always hold us back from experiencing that outrageous concert, it helps preserve the memory of an event we may want to relive in the future.

How does using a smart phone consistently throughout the day hold us back from experiencing the reality of daily life? Do you think social media has the ability to make events better than they seem?


4 responses to “Comedian Criticizes Social Media Addiction

  1. It is true. We are all consistently updating every aspect of our lives through social media. I can’t remember the time I went a whole day without saying “I have to tweet that…” or posting a picture of something on Facebook or Twitter via my iPhone. We all have become obsessed, and I don’t know what it is, but there is obviously something interesting about knowing what is happening to our friends or ourselves every second of the day. Even if it is getting overly obsessive, I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. In fact, I think it is going to get worse. Twitter and Facebook are great ways to promote anything. It helps make people aware, and it gets them to spread the word.

    • Yeah, I see your point. I could spend hours at a time (OK, I do spend hours at a time) Facebook stalking people. What is our fascination with this!? Everything is changing to reflect social media trends, even advertising and journalism. I don’t know what it is, but I love and loathe social media’s hold over us!

  2. I think Louis C.K. has a point. There are many people who moderate their use of such things as social media, and there are others who lose control. My boyfriend tweets every moment of sports events, and it drives me nuts! When I log into my social media accounts, I find it beneficial to share events with others and get a snippet of what they’re experiencing, but if I want a play-by-play of something as easily accessible as a sporting event, I’ll watch it. So there are two sides: sharing experiences through media and sharing every single moment. The former is what keeps me coming back to social media sites, seeing the awesome pictures and fun videos people post. The latter is where Louis C.K. gets his point. But with all things, it is best to keep everything in moderation.

    • I completely agree. Sometimes I just want to step away from social media and go back to the old days where we found stuff out about people by contacting them personally. I think you are one of the few people who know how to use social media in moderation, so good for you!

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