Netflix for Clothes the Latest Hit?

By Kylie Rush

The Trunk Club. A service long-awaited for by most men and, my guess, probably applauded by wives and girlfriends.

Men's clothes are sent based on preference and size. Photo by Dave O.

This online service sends clothes catered to each individual’s personal style to men who don’t “feel” like going out to do the shopping themselves. All the men have to do to experience this bliss is talk to the personal stylist they are assigned to  about their style and what types of clothing you are looking for. They will then send them a trunk full of clothes that they can try on in the comfort of their own home. The men then choose which clothes they like and send back the rest. And the best part is, the clothes don’t get charged until after the box is back to the Trunk Club headquarters. The shipping is also free.

So is this the next Netflix? Another company tried a similar service, Gift Side Story, but it failed to catch on due to it’s expensive prices. Huffington Post writer, Jason Gilbert, felt that it might be the same case with Trunk Club. Gilbert tried the service himself and wrote about it in a blog post:

Trunk Club surprised me not with the clothing itself, but with the price points…none of the clothes I received from Trunk Club had price tags that would be appealing ot the 99 percent. Jeans started around $175, and did not go any lower, according to my stylist; a simple gray hooded sweatshirt of soft cotton, which zipped neatly up the front, tantalized me at $230.

The idea seems like a good one to me, if they could only lower the prices a bit. Who doesn’t love a service that takes the hard work out of something you don’t enjoy? I enjoy shopping to a certain extent, but even I could use some help to focus myself when shopping for something specific. It started with gifts for your significant other with Gift Side Story and now it’s moved to clothes. Where will it go next? Soon, you won’t even have to leave your house at all.

What do you think? Is online shopping taking a new turn? Do you think it could ever catch on, or will it always be too expensive for the Average Joe? And most importantly, what’s next for online services like this?


5 responses to “Netflix for Clothes the Latest Hit?

  1. This is an interesting topic for our blog. Personally, I think that if men don’t like to go shopping, they also don’t like being told what to wear. I’m also curious how it is an online service. Do you talk to the stylist in a chat room or select clothes you’d like to try via on internet store?

    • Good questions, I suppose I didn’t go into enough detail. One would sign up online and take a survey about their personal style. They could also shop through the online store and have those clothes sent to them through the trunk.

  2. Even though I’m not a man, this service sounds pretty appealing to me. I think it’s a personalized take on online shopping, which could translate to other online industries. I think people do still value personalized interaction, so this is a good decision on their part. On another note, the prices do seem a little high to me…we need a Forever 21 version of The Trunk Club!

  3. Wow, this is fascinating. I am a person that hates to shop, however, being a poor college student I cannot afford to pay full retail. I think all of my pairs of jeans cost a total of $175, thus I could never even consider spending that on one pair. This site to me sounds like a service for someone that chooses to not make time for shopping more than a person that does not like to shop (even though the two can sometimes go together). I think that this could possibly catch on if more reasonably prices clothing stores such as maybe Banana Republic, Gap, J Crew, Eddie Bauer, etc. start to follow this trend. If stores could offer more of a “personal” shopping experience online, like this site is doing, this could increase the online sales of other retail stores. I know stores are starting to do whatever they can know to make online shopping easier for customers. Such as Gap, Inc. stores (Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and PiperLime) are allowing customers to shop between all four sites and only check out once, and have all items come shipped together. This is a step forward for the ease of online shopping and this site’s personal shopper is where I think online shopping could eventually go.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Zach! It seems like a good idea if only it were more reasonably priced for the “everyday shopper”. Perhaps stores already offer online checkouts, as you mentioned, could add a personalized stylist as you go. Just think of the possibilities!

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