Death of Traditional Media?

By:  Alec Hamilton

We have all heard the accusations and death pronouncements; that print media is dead and TV news not far behind.  TMZ founder Harvey Levin has come out and said that the traditional media is dying and either needs to adapt or collapse.  As most of us already know, TMZ is a celebrity-gossip news organization that has one of media’s most successful websites, and a TV and radio show.  In the article by the Washington Post, Levin implies that news media should model themselves after TMZ and change to cater to the public’s taste. He also claims that tradition media has clung to its age-old delivery mechanisms, which according to him have become stale and no longer interest today’s youth and public in general.

Harvey Levin- TMZ Founder- Creative Commons

Is Levin right?  Is print media all but dead and no longer captures the interest of the American public?  Should news organizations model themselves after TMZ?  The article disputes the first two of these assertions.  Traditional media may be declining but they are far from dead, and according to the article, Americans by $45 million newspapers a day and over $300 million a year.  Levin says young people aren’t interested in the traditional media of TV and print, yet here at Drake The Times-Delphic is very successful.

In general, I am not going to take tips from a sensationalist media organization like TMZ that should be sued into extinction and karma will eventually repay.  Newspapers are struggling but also adapting, as are magazines.  Also, TV is still the single greatest medium for media outside of the internet and people will continue to sit down and watch the local news when they have the time.  What do you think?  Is TMZ right?


2 responses to “Death of Traditional Media?

  1. Why would any credible news organization model itself after a celebrity gossip medium? I don’t think TMZ has the authority or credibility to make such claims.

  2. That would be my main argument. Though you cannot argue that TMZ isn’t one of the best in its unique niche.

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