Will an ad make you read the newspaper?

Posted by: Lauren Horsch

Will reading the newspaper really make you sexier?

The new ad campaign by the NAA cites smart as being sexy. Photo from: The Newspaper Association of America

There is no scientific conclusion on that, but the Newspaper Association of America  wants you to believe it.

It just launched a new ad campaign to create an alluring aspect of reading a newspaper in print. The campaign has a tagline of “Smart is the New Sexy.” On the website for the campaign, the NAA says “news isn’t really news anymore.”

In a New York Time’s article, Caroline Little, the chief executive of the NAA said the campaign represents the ideals of having a citizenry of informed individuals. In my generation, I feel this is more crucial than ever before. We are constantly connected to the news, but are we ever informed?

This campaign comes at a crucial time when the ever-in-danger print has seen a brighter light. The New York Times Co. recorded a profit for the third quarter  this year. Gannet Co. (best known for publishing USA Today) has also seen profits this year.

Newspapers are not in the clear though, but this campaign could potentially help. The Martin Agency created the campaign  for the NAA, and the president of the agency, Mark Hughes said  — in the same NYT article — newspapers are more vital this year because of the presidential election cycle and all of the world happenings in the Middle East.

To me, I’m not sure how this campaign will pan out. The NAA hopes to garner more readerships to create a way for people to talk about news and current events.

Is this a good way to do it? Is trying to add sex appeal to something as un-sexy as getting ink on your hands going to work?

Is this new campaign going to cause you to pick up a newspaper and read it?


4 responses to “Will an ad make you read the newspaper?

  1. In all honesty, the point of reading a newspaper is for news. I’m not one to pick up a paper because I’m curious about the flashy advertisements. This campaign seems a bit backward to me.

  2. As a self-effacing nerd, I honestly like this idea. The concept of nerdy being sexy is not entirely new, and I think the Newspaper Association of America is taking a step in the right direction with it.

    It’s sad but true: In this tech-crazy era, people need motivation to read. And, if an ad like this can accomplish that, I don’t see much risk in giving it a try!

  3. Honestly, this campaign wouldn’t affect my choice of reading the newspaper. I don’t pick it up in hopes of showing others how informed I am. I read because I personally value the news. I certainly could be biased though. It will be interesting to follow this campaign. I don’t think the sexy aspect will do much for readership but only time will tell.

  4. I agree with Olivia. While the concept isn’t new, I just don’t know how well this ad will get the point across. It’s certainly is a good ad, but I have a feeling it isn’t going to work too well.

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