Facebook vs. Google+: Good or Bad changes?

Posted by: Hilary Gibney

Photo by: Channelship

With all the new forms of social media popping up over the internet, Facebook is trying to keep up with times, but is it working? Every time Facebook seems to change their layout users don’t stop complaining about it. We see it on twitter, we talk about it, and we even post it as our statuses (ironic?). Usually, Facebook sees the uproar it caused and takes a step back on the changes, but did they go too far this time?

Their goal was the make the news feed “like your own personal newspaper”. Facebook decides what is most important for you to read on your feed. They even added a ticker on the homepage to automatically refresh itself with new posts and comments. Sounds a little like Twitter doesn’t it? Well, with Google + , Twitter, and Foursquare I don’t blame Facebook for trying to spice things up a little bit. However, it was bad timing with Google+ going public to users because if people get fed up with the Facebook changes, they could easily switch to Google+ and never worry about it again. To add to the situation, Facebook is planning more changes when they partner up with Spotify, MOG, and Rdio.

If we look at the numbers, Facebook keeps its claim to fame with 750 million members compared to Google+ with a mere 10 million. Nonetheless, Google+ is still a threat because of its endless recourses and a successful history. Its set up isn’t so bad either. The homepage is less cluttered and easier to understand than Facebook. Microsofitis, is the term used to describe Facebook’s attempt to cram all the features onto one page along with many buttons and menus which make it harder for the users to learn and re-learn. Google+ keeps its design on the simple side inspired by Apple.

The Daily Beast exposed Facebook for hiring, Burson-Marsteller, top-public relations firm, to report anti-Google stories to newspapers right before the launch of Google+. These stories were supposed to influence reporters to do investigations on Google about invading people’s privacy. Does this show that Facebook is getting scared of what is to come of Google+? Yes. Should they be? I wouldn’t say just yet, but if they were smart they would stop these changes during the time when Google+ is becoming a popular public commodity.

What’s your opinion on Google+ vs. Facebook? Is Google+ going to become the new Facebook or will Facebook always be number one?  


6 responses to “Facebook vs. Google+: Good or Bad changes?

  1. I’ve been a Google+ user since July when it was still in beta: I was drawn in by the idea of something different than Facebook. I like Facebook and I use it every day, but it’s an enigmatic issue for me because it’s also a huge distraction. I somehow lump that in with a general dislike of Facebook, even though I use it all the time.

    Like every other Facebook user, I hate it when they make changes – especially when they just made changes about two months ago with the new (irritating) Chat sidebar. I don’t want Facebook to decide what my “Top Stories” are, and I’m certainly not going to go through and check/uncheck that blue corner to help them out.

    I do think they may have gone too far, and it has definitely caused me to click over to my somewhat neglected Google+ page more often in the past few days. We’ll have to wait and see what happens over the next few weeks in the great social media showdown.

  2. Am I the only one that thinks the ticker is horrifyingly addicting? I agree that Facebook should quit trying to muck around in my life and decide what’s important to me for my “Top Stories”, but overall, I like the changes they’re making. I know that people generally don’t like change because it’s harder to learn after you’ve been with it for so long, but the fact of the matter is that they’re making the site more visually appealing. I don’t know how many people have heard about the new profile timeline that they’re opening to the public on September 30, but I opted in early and I love it! It features a large “cover” photo at the top as well as a profile picture in it’s inset with your information all underneath. Your wall posts, photos, and events are listed below in a timeline order. You can use a side bar to jump to different years and even months. I had a great time choosing my cover picture and making feature stories along my timeline, but maybe that’s just me.

    Yes, Facebook might lose a few members to the more simplistic Google+, but if Google+ doesn’t eventually change too, in my opinion, they’re not going to maintain their status as “the next big thing” and won’t have as many users either. If a website is left for too long, it becomes stale and almost lethargic so I feel that Facebook is moving forward and instead of deterring all of it’s users, it will attract new ones with it’s changes.

  3. I got a Google+ account back in July, too. I’ve only logged on once or twice though. As much as I hate the changes Facebook recently made, I know I won’t quit using it any time soon. It’s still where everyone goes. A lot of people got Google+ once it opened to the public, but that doesn’t mean it’s effective in getting people to use it and communicate with it. I don’t know one person that has erased a Facebook account since the changes were made, and, like every other time it’s made adjustments, I think people will get over it.

  4. Personally, I don’t think Facebook has that much to worry about. Sure as our generation gets older we might make the switch to Google+, but think of all the teenieboppers creating accounts on Facebook. Google+ isn’t as friendly as Facebook to the younger crowd. I also think that no one wants to rebuild themselves on an entire new social media site. It’s exhausting and time consuming. Even if Facebook stresses me out with the new additions, I know that I won’t be making the switch unless I have to. Facebook is a trend, and I don’t think that Google+ is going to be able to overshadow Facebook for a very, very long time. And if they do, it’s going to be because Google+ does something innovative and new that Facebook can’t do or replicate. But, is that even possible?

  5. Emily - Drake University

    I created a Google+ account the day that Facebook made it’s most recent changes. I don’t use Facebook that often, so I’m not (yet) willing to put in the time keeping up with all the new features. I’m sure we’ll all get used to them and stop complaining, but it’s definitely annoying when you have to keep re-learning a site you’ve been on for four plus years. That being said, Facebook didn’t get 750 million users for no reason. It’s a smart company and I’m sure they have a plan.

    I’ve only logged on to Google+ once and I still don’t know what circles are. I think it will take it a while to become popular because we already have Facebook and Twitter. How many places do we really need to post our Homecoming photos? Many of us already link our Twitter updates to Facebook. Do we really need another platform on which to regurgitate our content?

  6. Once Facebook made it changes I also thought about getting a google + account for myself. The changes are overwhleming, but at the same time I understand why they are making them. competition. Obviously, the trend is for every website to make a social media site so we might as well start getting used to changes.

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