Stream movies online using social media

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By Katelyn Philipp

Movie production companies recently began utilizing social media outlets Facebook and Twitterfor more than just promotional marketing.  Users are now able to rent and stream movies online.

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According to a recent article from the Huffington Post, companies thought movies were too impersonal compared to today’s fast-paced social scene. Faced with dismal sales once a movie is no longer a new release, they turned to social media to generate publicity.

One new company did just this.  Flickme, which launched on Tuesday, Sept. 6, offers a large number of movies available to stream live from Facebook and Twitter.

Screen shot of Flickme's website

Movies from Flickme are offered to rent for a cost comparable to what you’d find at a local Family Video or Blockbuster. I find this to be discouraging.  I’d rather pay the same amount to rent the tangible DVD and play it on a large television screen compared to a smaller computer screen.  One unique pricing feature Flickme does offer though is a discount among friends.  A user recommends a movie and up to ten of their friends can then rent it for the low price of $1.49.

Overall, I find this “social” aspect of watching movies to not be very social at all.  People already post movie opinions and recommendations on blogs and sites such as IMDB.  Why do we need to also see them on Facebook and Twitter? Besides, I would rather ask my friends for movie suggestions in person than just see it online. I am also not one to watch a movie alone on my computer.  I watch them with friends and discuss which ones we’ve recently seen and liked.  I know their taste in movies and can trust their opinions more than those of some random person on Twitter.

One major obstacle to companies such as Flickme is their competition. Netflix already has a strong hold on the movie streaming market, even though they did recently raise their prices.  Will people stick with sites they already subscribe to, or will they be swayed to join new ones?

While I applaud the movie industry for attempting to drive sales and engage in more social media, I don’t think companies such as Flickme will do very well in the long run.  I just don’t think enough people will be interested in it.

Do you think the movie industry needs to be more social?  Would or do you rent movies on Facebook or Twitter?  Would you rather stream a movie online or rent it? Do you think companies like Flickme will last?


7 responses to “Stream movies online using social media

  1. Personally I prefer to rent movies, but more and more I’m beginning to think about the convenience of Netflix. I have never been big on subscribing to much of anything as I never know how much I will actually use the service. However, here at college the convenience of Netflix would far outweigh the disadvantages. As for streaming on Facebook or Twitter, they are not built for such a purpose and I can only imagine the difficulties and problems that could ensue. Leave movie streaming to the professionals like Netflix, which I have a hard time seeing anyone abandoning anytime soon.

  2. I’m glad it’s more than Netflix that is trying to do this. After that whole thing with Netflix charging their customers per service and offering less instant play movies, I feel there is a market for change there.

    Renting movies is being dominated by Redbox, which does well. But if someone could tap into the market of movies streaming online using social media no-less, then more power to them. I hate the dilemma of having to watch a movie for class and not knowing where to get it in a hurry. If it’s not on Netflix or in the library, I freak out. If the companies that owned it or there were other places online that you could just pay a one-time watch fee per-view than that’d be sweet.

  3. I’m not sure how I feel about this kind of service. Aside from the fact that it can be accessed through Facebook and Twitter, there doesn’t seem to be too much of the interactivity involved with common forms of social media. We’ll see how successful it will be, but it doesn’t sound much different than other streaming sites.

  4. It’s hard to say whether Flickme will last, because people had the same thoughts about Netflicks. Is it possible that the site is still in the early stages of development, and improvements could be made? Maybe the company has other plans on how to integrate more social activity into the process (besides reviews of the movies).

    • I agree with you that Flickme could still be making improvements. We will have to wait and see what changes or additions are made in time. It would be interesting to see what other ways they’d use social media.

  5. I’m not crazy about the title of the site. “Flick Me?” It almost sounds violent. (Slight overstatement, but you see what I mean.) The idea has potential, although I can just as easily rent a movie and Tweet about it without using FlickMe’s stream…it’s as easy as “CTRL-T” and using a new tab. It will be interesting to see if they develop the site further to be accessible from web-enabled televisions, although that would make it even more similar to Netflix.

  6. I really feel like this could be more of an extension to Netflix than an idea on it’s own. I think it would be nice for those times when you just want to watch one movie and can’t find it anywhere else, but to continually use this service seems like a waste of money compared to Netflix. I’m not sure if this will completely catch on for FlickMe, but I could see Netflix picking up the idea and using it for people who don’t want to subscribe to their service and only see a movie once.

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