Drake Launches blueMobile App

Posted by Jeff Nelson

The blueMobile menu screen on the iPhone version.

Colleges across the country continue to cater to the tech-inclined by developing mobile apps, and Drake is following suit.

After development and a staff preview this summer, the university introduced the beta version of its new app, blueMobile, last week. As campuses become more smartphone-friendly, the launch is a step in the right direction for DU. But is the app useful?

blueMobile features an array of “apps within an app” for students and faculty. Available for download on Android and iOS devices, blueMobile isn’t located in the App Store — it has to be installed from your mobile browser.

The app is still in its infancy, but most of the elements are nothing new — or even essential. I have some qualms with the student version, on which users can:

  • check grades (but not for the current semester?);
  • consult a campus map (if you can actually get lost at Drake, I’d like to find you and slap you upside the head);
  • and see their schedules (which is awesome…for the first week of class).

Other aspects of the app earn my approval, though. Since the school switched email service to Microsoft, students can’t easily search email addresses, so blueMobile’s student/staff directory is a welcome resource. Also, I like to be in-the-know but (for obvious reasons) spend as little time as possible on blueView — news and event listings on a mobile app are a handy alternative to the unorganized and overwhelming site.

With blueMobile, Drake students and staff can access maps of campus (via Google), view a listing of news and events, and consult a student/staff directory.

Being in its beta stage, there are some kinks to work out, so blueMobile has a feedback feature for users to report problems. My biggest beef? You have to sign in every time you access the app.

Chime in below with banter on blueMobile. Do you plan on downloading? If you have, are you enamored, or are there changes you’d like to see?


7 responses to “Drake Launches blueMobile App

  1. Really great post! I’m excited to see what the blueMobile app has in store. I definitely plan to download this app…like…now.

  2. I give them credit for launching this. It’s pretty bare-bones, but I’m sure they’ll be adding new features.

    • I agree. It launched less than a week ago, so I wouldn’t expect it to be perfect. With time, I’m sure they’ll work on sorting through the feedback, fixing the kinks, and adding more of what people want to see.

  3. I think we should give it a chance. There are a few areas on campus that have done a great job of staying up-to-date with technology advancement (ex. Urban Plains iPad app). The OIT is obviously aware of the complications that may arise (via their website): “All should keep in mind that this is a Beta version and problems are expected.”
    Test it out here:

  4. I think Drake is leading in the right direction with this app. Of course, there are going to be kinks, and some of the features seem a little useless to us, but at least DU is trying. I think by next year the app will actually be a usefull app for all classes of Drake and not just predominately freshman.

  5. I want this app; I was super excited when I heard about it because I hate trying (and failing) to log in to BlueView from my phone. Unfortunately, I’ve tried to download it multiple times on my Droid and it won’t load…frustrating. I’m hoping they’ll figure this out in a couple of weeks.

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