You Really Can’t Miss It

By Christy Wittmer

It’s true. It’s going to be hard to miss the royal wedding. A new era of citizen journalists, media in the palm of your hand, and extensive coverage unlike anything the event has ever seen.

Photo by William Hook on Flickr

The New York Times has written an article discussing this. They say “all you will need is your computer, tablet or smartphone and a Twitter or Facebook account.” I agree.

With all the buzz it will be hard to feel disconnected from the event, the true essence of social media realized. ABC News is focusing on Twitter for the wedding to improve their coverage. They want to know what we are thinking so they are asking people to really use the hashtags on Twitter.

It’s not good enough to just watch it anymore, it seems. NBC has their a twitter account for it: NBC’@royalwedding Twitter account. BBC had a royal wedding Facebook page. The Associated Press is featuring a live video feed on their Facebook page. CNN has invited people to share their royal wedding experiences through iReport. E! has a five-hour “Live From The Royal Wedding” broadcast that starts at 4 a.m. has asked people to submit their photos from anywhere as they experience the event. It’s pretty extensive.

It’s viral, and I feel everyone will have experiences, or been touched by this wedding regardless. I plan on getting up early to watch it. I am fascinated to witness this event as it is happening, it makes me feel part of the moment. One thing I am excited about is watching the moment Kate Middleton arrives and we finally see the dress. I don’t care about the dress, I care to watch the sudden spark of media attention it will get. I can imagine how crazy Twitter will get with posts on that exact moment.

What about you? Will you simply watch and that’s all? Or will you watch and partake in the social media frivolities?


2 responses to “You Really Can’t Miss It

  1. Kelly Hendricks

    I will not be watching or partaking in any of the social media “frivolities.” I think weddings should be something personal and intimate and not broadcasted across the world.

  2. TBH, I thought the Royal Wedding fiasco was ridiculous. I understand if people want to see it, but I don’t know why 5 CNN pages were dedicated to it. Other than the fact that CNN Online appears to be run by Apple reps and fashion magazine writers, what was the purpose of so much coverage? There are much larger issues at play in the world today. The world watched the upper tier eat cake, time to go back to reality.

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