AllTwitter: Removing the mystery behind the Twitter-verse

Posted by Annika Peick

Twitter. It’s a great resource for staying in the know, but to the untrained user it can become more of a black hole of confusion and stress than an aid. Though times are certainly changing and social media technologies are becoming more widespread, many people still do not understand the incredible amount of potential Twitter holds for those in the communications field. This is where AllTwitter steps in to the save the day.

AllTwitter, a division of Media Bistro, serves as a resource to help users get the most out of their Twitter experience. One of their latest posts, 5 Twitter Secrets to Become Highly Visible in your Niche, helps solve the problem many novice Twitter users face: how do I get MY voice heard? With over 190 million users tweeting roughly 65 million times a day, even joining the community can seem like a waste of time. The article, however, offers five quick and easy tips to help users get their voices out with success and finesse.

Twitter, one of the world's social media giants, can be an intimidating place for newcomers. Sites like AllTwitter, however, offer tips and tricks to combat confusion and help users get the most out of their Twitter experience.

Establishing a voice isn’t the only problem Twitter users face. Years of schooling and endless grammar grinders never teach writers how to limit their thoughts to 140 characters or less, and many tweeters find themselves wrought with writers’ block. A recent AllTwitter post offers 25 creative prompts to guard against tweet block, ranging from topics like “Finish this sentence…” to “Tips and Advice.” If used properly after establishing a voice in the Twitter-verse, these simple prompts will put some spice back into user’s output and guarantee they keep a good rapport with followers — two tasks that are quickly becoming essential in today’s dynamic communications field.

Establishing a voice and interacting with followers seem simple enough, but this is exactly where AllTwitter steps in once again. It is no secret that businesses have increasingly begun turning to social media scanning to make sure they’re hiring reliable, upstanding employees. In another recent blog post the site offers seven tips to avoid tarnishing your Twitter brand. Though many of the tips seem like no brainers, the post proves all users should tweet with caution.

Though Twitter certainly comes with a list of do’s and don’ts, it is often up to individual users to carve their own paths in this social media world. Have you taken a look at AllTwitter? What are your thoughts? How do you get your voice out in the vast Twitter-verse? What do you do to combat tweeter’s block? How do you use Twitter effectively and professionally at all times?


5 responses to “AllTwitter: Removing the mystery behind the Twitter-verse

  1. Kelly Hendricks

    I hadn’t even heard of AllTwitter until this article but I clicked on it just now and it really does seem like it would be helpful. I am very confused by Twitter. I only got one because of this class but I keep hearing how helpful it is professionaly and for getting jobs so I think I might try and get into it more.

  2. Twitter was a whole new world for me when I signed up for one. Now, I use it to get quick news, get reads on my blogs, and to get more viewers on my website. Not to mention, it’s another way for me to stay in touch with friends (as if there aren’t enough ways as it is).

    AllTwitter is awesome. Usually, I would get my voice heard just as any other lost Tweeter out there–hash tags, shortened links, and an attempt at clever wording within 140 characters. I will definitely be visiting this site next time I have Tweeter’s block.

  3. I’m glad you ladies found some helpful tips one the web site! I’m still learning my way around Twitter, and I’ve definitely began relying on AllTwitter to help me out.

    Have you found any other interesting tips on the site?

  4. I love Twitter. I have secured internships through the site, gotten various viewpoints on current events and networked with other PR professionals. AllTwitter is very cool, I will definitely be recommending it to others in the communications field.

  5. This actually seems like a great resource! I still have trouble limiting myself to the world limit on Twitter and some of the Twitter tools still give me trouble, like hashtags and when to use them.

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