Get Your Word Out on the Web

by Rachel Nauen

The Web has been around for awhile. Most of us feel pretty comfortable using this tool. However, as this wave of students enters the job market, it is important to keep a few things in mind while using the Web to promote and engage others with the business you will be working for.

Josh Catone, a contributor to Mashable, wrote a great piece on “How to Spread Your Business Footprint Around the Web.” Catone emphasizes the importance of establishing and maintaining a thorough presence on the Web, participating in conversation and forming partnerships with others.

As consumers, we see businesses fail with their Web activities all the time. Whether it be lack of presence or engagement, businesses often run into problems when trying to maintain a strong presence in the Web community. Have you seen any recent good or bad examples of businesses using the Web to get their message out? Why did you think it was good or bad?


3 responses to “Get Your Word Out on the Web

  1. ryanthomasaustin

    I agree that websites are probably the number one way to reach out to consumers. I know that if a company’s website looks poorly.

    I do also think that if a company does not have a strong online presence that it will be more likely to fail. Companies that are in the news and doing very well (Google, Apple, etc.) have a strong online presence that makes it easier for them to reach their consumers. This can make or break a company.

  2. I agree. If I find out that a company doesn’t have a website, I immediately discredit their product or service.

  3. Michael Rutledge

    Companies need attractive and easy to use websites in order to stay competitive. A strong online presence can more than compensate for poor marketing in other outlets. If a company or store has a good website I feel a lot more inclined to do business with them.

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