What Is “Breaking News”?

Post By: Chelsey Orlando

CNN Breaking News Logo from tv-ark.com.

I’m sure we all have our own idea of what we consider to be “breaking news“. Some of us consider finding out the Kate Hudson is pregnant, again, is breaking news. Others consider the uprising in Libya breaking news. Still some consider Charlie Sheen‘s antics breaking news.

Well that is all find and dandy, everyone is entitled to their own opinion of news, but how about what CNN considers breaking news? As the majority of iPhone users know, CNN has an app that sends you notifications on current breaking news. Usually they are important things about the government, Libya, Obama, Japan, and other hard-hitting, world changing news.

These are the type of things I consider breaking news and I love that CNN sends me this info as soon as it breaks. But over the weekend I received what CNN considered to be a breaking news story. My iPhone buzzed and thinking it was something about Japan or the government I grabbed it ready to get informed. But wait, it was a “breaking news” notification about The Masters, as in golf.

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy golf and follow it quite regularly, but for CNN to tell me that Charl Shwartzel won The Masters is not exactly what I would consider something that needs to be sent as a breaking news story.

I mean, yes it’s it exciting and congratulations to Charl, but really CNN? There are plenty of other things that I think CNN could send out as breaking news before they tell me who won what sporting event this weekend. To me, that isn’t exactly breaking news.


3 responses to “What Is “Breaking News”?

  1. I agree, golf isn’t quite on the same level as an earthquake in Japan. It would be nice if CNN allowed you to pick and choose what you want to be notified by.

  2. I agree with Michael, a preference setting would be helpful in these circumstances. I definitely know one or two people who consider the Masters as breaking news. When it comes to sports, scandals tend to make breaking news, rather than winners, so perhaps CNN was just trying to spread some good news.

  3. I feel the same way. Unless I’m watching E! or some other Hollywood news channel, I really don’t care what the stars or doing. Unless it’s Charlie Sheen, but that man is a special case.

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