Timbuktu: The First News Magazine iPad for Kids

Posted by: Lindsay Dressen

Photo Thanks to: Creative Commons

Timbuktu is the first news magazine for kids specifically designed for the iPad. The editor in chief, Elena Favilli, says in a YouTube video introducing the magazine, “Timbuktu combines imagination and technology to display news and stories to the most advanced methods of education.” Timbuktu will show kids what is happening in the world through illustrations, because unlike what many people assume – kids want to read the news.

“The greatest educators have shown over the last century that there is no separation between entertainment and education,” says Francesca Cavallo, Creative Director in a YouTube video. This app is an educator, while being an entertainer filled with fun, colorful illustrations from artists all over the world. The magazine is based out of Italy under the art direction of the talented Olimpia Zagnoli. “Timbuktu fosters on creativity, curiosity and care,” says Cavallo in the same YouTube video. Timbuktu, an educational app for kids, is free on iTunes.

Photo Thanks to: Creative Commons

Technology seems to target younger age groups with even more advanced gadgets. Should there be some separation between entertainment and education? Before the Internet was invented, there was little to do with intertwining them. There are positives and negatives to involving too much technology into a person’s life – what do you think?


3 responses to “Timbuktu: The First News Magazine iPad for Kids

  1. Kelly Hendricks

    I think this app is a great idea. Kids need to start following the news at a young age so they become accustomed to it. The line between entertainment and education depends on the circumstance but in this situation I think involving both is good. Having the app be creative and colorful will draw more younger kids to it.

  2. I think that entertainment and education have always been intertwined. Since I can remember, my education has almost always incorporated some sort of entertainment aspect to keep me interested. Take Sesame Street, the Leapster, even board games: these are all means to both entertain and educate kids. I think this app is a great idea. If we want to keep kids knowledgeable, we have to update the technology too.

  3. Lindsay Dressen

    Very good point Katie, this is just taking it to the next step and I think it will be really beneficial for kids.

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