A nifty new place for news updates

Posted by: Kelly Hendricks

It is an unwritten rule that journalists need to stay on top of the news. Between CNN, New York Times and Wall Street Journal, it can be hard to know exactly where to look for the specific information you want.

Newsmap.jp, which is run by Google News, offers unique dimensions for following the news.  According to an article on AlphaComputing, Newsmap shows the news in “a much more visually appealing way.” The site layout is color coded and allows you to pick the countries that you want to read about. AlphaComputing states that not only does the site offer categories (including world, national, business, technology, sports, entertainment and health) at the bottom of the screen, but it also helps the viewer tell which news is most recent by showing the most previous news in light colors and the older news in darker colors.

Photo from pcdistrict.com being used for journalistic purposes

This site made its debut in July 2008 and has its current server location in Tokyo. Its stats prove that it has been extremely successful. Surcentr.net shows that it receives an average of 49,561 visits per month. If you register, you can customize the page to your liking. You can change the settings so once you click on an article, it is hidden and you can also select the font and color you want to see.

I have an account on this site and I check it daily — if not more. I like how easy it is to follow and read. If you are an avid twitter user, you can search for the username, therealnewsmap, to follow the site. Or, you can read simply read its blog.

Do you think this site makes following the news easier? Or is its organization not helpful to you?

6 responses to “A nifty new place for news updates

  1. Wow, this looks great! I need to start using this immediately.

  2. Newsmap = super awesome. Thanks for posting this Kelly!!!

  3. Kelly Hendricks

    You’re welcome! When I discovered it I was quite amused too.

  4. Wow. This site looks really cool. I must start using it ASAP! Thanks for letting us know about it!

  5. It is definitely different, but I’m not sure how my brain is going to process all the colors and disorganization. I am definitely going to bookmark it and try it out though. Thanks Kelly!

  6. Kelly Hendricks

    Glad you guys like it, hopefully it’ll help with the news quizzes!

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