Social Media and Personal Branding

Posted By Annika Peick

Roy Peter Clark, world-renowned author, blogger and grammar guru, asks, “Do you believe in what you do? Does your work reflect a noble mission and purpose? Then… you must do everything in your power to spread the word about your words.”

The times are changing, and authors can no longer depend on their writing alone to garner a loyal following. In a recent blog post on the Poynter website,entitled “How to use social networks to brand yourself as a writer,” Clark debunks the myth that branding is only for products or corporations, but rather it is for all people looking to find success in the public eye.

In his post, Clark offers three concise and insightful reasons as to why writers should want to promote their work:

1. No one else has the time or energy or knowledge enough to do it as well as the writer.

2. Writers want to sell their work and increase their public influence.

3. Most of all, writers believe in their own work!

Writers today must be jack-of-all-trades types, and must rely on several different types of media to get the word out about their work. While newspapers and other forms of older media are still valuable resources, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook offer a greater platform because they allow instant feedback and constant updates. According to Clark, using the social network is beneficial because it can act as “a magnifying glass, or a megaphone, or a big rock dropped into the middle of a flat pond.”

With so many recent developments in the communications field, promoting a personal brand has never been more accessible to a wider audience, nor has it ever been more necessary to find success in the professional realm. How do you promote your own writing? Why do you promote it in that way? What value (if any) do you see in using older forms of media to promote your work?

4 responses to “Social Media and Personal Branding

  1. Katie Minnick

    Although personal branding is an important part of a journalist’s and a student’s career, it can be extremely scary at times. Journalism is a serious business. We have the power to control what the public thinks and hears. If we abuse this power, not only are we looked down upon on, but our future careers are severely hurt as well. I have to be careful when writing and promoting my pieces that I will not hurt my “brand image.”

  2. Alyssa Martin

    In terms of promoting my writing, I fully embrace the social media like Facebook and Twitter. I do this because it exposes my writing to a wider range of audience than I could ever imagine reaching using older methods. It also helps younger, newer writers like ourselves gain recognition that many writers had to wait years for. I agree wholeheartedly with what Clark is saying in his article.

  3. Katie, I agree with you. Not only is it scary to think that we could damage our personal brand by representing ourselves poorly through social media, but also it’s intimidating to look at all of the ways we can bran ourselves. Right now, I’m facing the decision of where to buy my own domain name, how to build my own website, etc. and I’m having a hard time making all of these decisions at once.

  4. I actually don’t promote that much. I have a blog, FB, Twitter, and a website. I guess I feel that the people who are interested will get there on their own and make their decisions. I was always told you aren’t that good if you have to say you are. A little tweet here and there, but that is pretty much it for me.

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