Cloud Girlfriend: Your Fake Online GF

Posted by: Lindsay Dressen

We have seen the world of social networking break relationships, but could it actually make them? A new application called Cloud Girlfriend, which is in the process of being launched, believes they have found the way to get a girlfriend. Their motto is, “The best way to get a girlfriend is to already have one.”

Sound confusing? Maybe because it is, and many are wondering if it will really work. Cloud Girlfriend’s philosophy is that once a girl sees a girlfriend displaying messages all over a boy’s social networking site it makes her intrigued. We always want what we can’t have, right?

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

There are four steps to getting your Cloud Girlfriend. The first step is defining her. Defining your significant other can be misinterpreted. Is it hair color, and eye color or whether is it you prefer she cooks, cleans, and has a supernatural power? Guidelines need to be made. The second step is bringing her into existence. Sounds stranger than it is, but it means creating her an online profile so she is active on your favorite social network.

The third step is to interact with her virtually on the social network site of your choice. Does this entail that you make status updates about each other, tweet constantly, or it’s required to be “In A Relationship,” – I don’t know. The rules haven’t been set yet. Fourth step is to enjoy a public long distance relationship with your perfect girl; just via-social network or how?

Lots of questions float into my mind, as I’m sure your head is spinning as well. How can this site work? Is your “perfect girl” real, or just someone sitting behind a computer screen pretending? How would this change our views of having your relationship displayed online? How would you know if it’s a real or Cloud Girlfriend?


3 responses to “Cloud Girlfriend: Your Fake Online GF

  1. I think this is really interesting, psychologically. But it’s also totally creepy! It’s the internet equivalent of sending yourself Valentine’s Day chocolate and flowers. I’ll be curious to see how this actually works.

  2. This idea is just ridiculous! It’s essentially lying, and who wants to start a relationship on distrust? I find it only catering to those who are too afraid to go out and actually try to find a partner. Maybe they actually would be better off with their imaginary, “perfect” matches.

  3. Lindsay Dressen

    L. Jordan, very good point about sending yourself chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day. Makes you wonder how far people will go to make others believe.

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