Why You Care About SEO

Post by: Chelsey Orlando

Image from StockXchng

You’re stumbling around online trying to distract yourself from the mound of homework staring you down when you decide to Google yourself. What comes up first? Your MySpace, Facebook, hometown paper with the picture of your 8th grade softball team? Not exactly what you want people finding when they Google you? Well, that’s where learning and understanding SEO (search engine optimization) comes in handy.

So now that you’re a college student and you are preparing for your future in journalism, or anything else, you want the best reputation of you to present itself on the internet. For journalists, SEO is especially important when you are trying to make a name for yourself in the fast-paced, ever changing world. You want your best work to be top on the searches so knowing and understanding SEO will increase your chances of professional work being ranked higher than your fun, personal stuff.

You’re wondering how to get all of the stuff you do not want people to see ranked lower on Google. You want your professional website, blog, and important things you’ve done to be ranked highest when someone Google’s you.

That is where SEO comes into play. There are plenty of ways to SEO your online persona and plenty of websites that will tell you how. One of the top sites I found is How to SEO Your Site in Less Than 60 Minutes where an SEO expert gives his top ways to get your work to the top rankings in online searches.


One response to “Why You Care About SEO

  1. I know that all you ever see of me when I’m Googled is my golf life and accomplishments, mainly through high school years. I think it’s cool that there is a tool of the trade to change that.

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