Would You Give It Up?

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Posted by Christy Wittmer

I recently got a few thoughts about Facebook due to articles surfacing that portray it in a bit of a shady light. The most recent I’m referring to is an article I spotted on The Huffington Post. The article is about Facebook going ahead with a plan to give third-party developers and external websites abilities to access information about the users, such as cellphone numbers and home addresses. This plan was supposed to start in January but received harsh criticism, and has now been affirmed once again by Facebook.

In a direct response to the post, Facebook wrote: “Despite some rumors, there’s no way for other websites to access a user’s address or phone number from Facebook. For people who may find this option useful in the future, we’re considering ways to let them share this information (for example to use an online shopping site without always having to re-type their address). People will always be in control of what Facebook information they share with apps and websites.”

SafeToBe.Me is a blog with a goal of monitoring and informing consumers of privacy and security issues specifically with Facebook. On Nov. of last year they released an article entitled Top 10 Most Dangerous and Spamiest Facebook Pages. It ranked, in separate categories, the top 10 Spamiest and top 10 most

Dangerous pages or apps on the social media site.  The ranks change with time,

Farmville - Courtesy sabrina.dent on Flickr

but the blog would like the viewers to notice the main type of page showing up in the ranks were the games, such as Frontierville and Farmville.

With that being said, here are my thoughts. Seriously, do we care? Are these concerns enough to make us pause and give a second thought? What would it take for you to actually be afraid enough to cancel your Facebook? Or, what if Facebook had to shut down because of something. The big questions are: What would you do? What would you turn to next if there was no Facebook?


3 responses to “Would You Give It Up?

  1. I would not hesitate to cancel my Facebook page. It is a great tool, but it is not an absolute necessity in my life. A year ago I had to delete my Facebook account because it was hacked. The unfortunate thing though is that my account wasn’t fully deleted for two weeks! I waited until the account was fully deleted, and I simply made a new one. I would miss Facebook if it shut down for some reason or if I had to deactivate my account for security reasons, but I’ve done it once, I can do it again.

  2. Michael Rutledge

    Nothing short of the apocalypse would cause me to cancel my facebook page, but I know some people who have. My roommate last semester shut down his page so he could focus on studying. He was astounded at how much free time he gained. I think that people will shut down their pages because they see the futility in it rather than because they feel threatened.

  3. I think I mentioned this in a previous post.. But I shut down my Facebook about 6 weeks ago. At first, I had the intention of getting it back once spring break arrived, but I’m not sure I’m ready to yet. I got rid of mine for personal reasons, as well as that it was a major and unnecessary distraction in my life. The safety concerns weren’t in the forefront of my mind. However, I have seen numerous benefits. While networking with a professional, she recommended that I shut down my Facebook page (without knowing that I already had) because that’s one of the first thing potential employers look at.

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