Alternative Media: Getting the Message “Out There”

Posted by: Erika Owen

Mass communication is getting a makeover—a reinvention, if you will. While news has been broadcasted over the radio, papers, TV and Internet, we’ve recently seen a boom in a few other sections of media. Youtube channels, graffiti and alternative modeling are just a few examples of how information is being passed on to the public. 

Auto-Tune the News. “Newsicals” are hitting the Internet airwaves with

The Gregory Brothers. Photo cred:

raging success. The Gregory Brothers is just one success story when it comes to presenting hard news in an alternative manner. Taking Katie Couric’s vocals and Joe Biden’s dance moves, this group of four singer/songwriters works with a computer, an Auto-Tune program and a green screen to bring news covering elections, legislature and marijuana legalization among others topics to your computer screen. Enter: Auto-Tune the News.  This group is telling hard news—and making it fun.

GoGorilla Media. This organization will go all out to get the word out.

GoGorilla car advertisement. Photo cred:

GoGorilla uses a variety of packages to fit their clients. Among the oddest, the Bar Media package will print your logo/cause on condoms, napkins, drink swizzle sticks, glasses and coasters with any design the client provides. A more eye-catching display of information comes in the form of the Projection package. Do you have something important to say? Have your message projected on the side of a building with GoGorilla. Go for a more minimalist approach with the Sidewalk package, consisting of a chalk or water-colored stencil of your logo or message on local sidewalks. The possibilities are endless—or at least getting there.

Modeling public opinion. PETA has been utilizing models as means of public

PETA models. Photo cred:

media for a while.  Models from this organization have dressed down to their skivvies and “covered up” with lettuce leaves and other vegetables to stress the idea of becoming vegetarian. This is a strong way to portray a message, and it doesn’t go unnoticed—and coincidentally becoming a strong competitor in “alternative media.” The intention is to get a point across, and many other groups are catching on to this form of mass communication. GoGorilla offers media models as one of their services, as well.

Whether you’re surfing the web or walking down the sidewalk, you can’t just get away from the media anymore.


2 responses to “Alternative Media: Getting the Message “Out There”

  1. I think all of these are great examples of making news more entertaining for a culture that has an ever-decreasing attention span. I love “auto-tune the news.” GoGorilla might be taking it too far though, focusing more on consumerism rather than information.

    Another interesting news source is Naked News, I won’t post a link here for obvious reasons, the name pretty much explains it.

  2. I agree with the GoGorilla example. It is an interesting way to get the word out, though. I think the projection package sways away from the consumerism focus, and more towards the information side of media. It’s almost like a giant PSA.

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