Facebook Is Changing Our Lives

Posted by Laura Jordan

How many times a day do you check Facebook? Can you even guess? Since its founding in 2004, Facebook has slowly taken over our Internet lives. The social networking giant is used for more than 700 billion minutes a month worldwide.

FacebookIt comes as no surprise that social networking affects our behavior, right? That doesn’t mean it isn’t a little bit scary, though. The Social Times recently posted this editorial – a teenager’s view about the way that social media and online interactions affect real-life communication.

The 17-year-old author, Amy Summers, says that she’s concerned for her generation. “… Social networking is having an impact on the social skills of today’s youth… [I] am worried about the effect it will have for my friends and peers.”

The Facebook Project takes an in-depth look at what Facebook means, socially. The project was initially established as a graduate sociology project by Jeff Ginger at the University of Illinois – and it has grown to include a network of researchers that want to understand just how Facebook changed and continues to change our lives.

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Can you imagine living in a world without Facebook? Does social media change the way that you get your news, or discuss it? Are you also worried about the way people interact now? Are people too distant? Are they not private enough?


5 responses to “Facebook Is Changing Our Lives

  1. I think that for us it is really hard to imagine a life without some sort of social networking site since we had MySpace for a while before Facebook became popular. What about AIM when we were all in middle school? It was a type of social network that we used to communicate between other people. I think it would be weird to live in a world sans Facebook. It’s like you’re no one if you aren’t on Facebook. When you meet someone new it’s becoming instantly easier to friend them on Facebook than it is to get their number. I do have to say that sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone through text or Facebook because there are things that people are afraid to say out loud to someone’s face that they find easier to do so over the internet. However, when you sit in your house and don’t leave and just use Facebook to interact with the rest of the world that is when things start to get a bit scary. With more and more people relying on technology to communicate it is depriving them of the need of actual human interaction. So don’t get too caught up in the Facebook craze and get outside. It’s scary to think what the world may come to with the constant use of technology.

    • Chelsey, you’re right that it’s pretty impossible to imagine a world without online profiles. I know that I look up at least one person everyday, not to mention everyone I just browse through.
      But it is very scary to think that we communicate more through the internet than face-to-face, just because we’re scared or lazy. I think that’s probably where a lot of online bullying comes in.

  2. Everyone thinks it is impossible to survive without facebook. Well I am probably one of the few people on campus who does not have one. And guess what? I’m still alive! I had one for a while and decided to delete it for a few reasons. One was that it really was interfering with my school work. I felt like before I started anything I would have to check facebook or check to see if my ex-best friend from home was having a bad week. It honestly became an obsession and I decided to be done. I still in keep in touch with people and it has actually made me realize who my true friends here at school are and back home because the people that make an effort to stay in contact with me without me having a facebook are the only people I want in my life anyways.

  3. I, like Kelly, also recently got rid of my Facebook for various reasons. I decided it caused too many distractions in my life. For the past few weeks, not having Facebook has been beautiful. I’ve realized that it forces people to have more personal interactions with me, rather than just talk to me behind a screen. It’s been comical to see how many people text me or come up to me urgently, asking why I “defriended” them. It’s a big deal in our society. If someone defriends you, you feel hurt or backstabbed. I wish our society was not like this. Facebook has created an entirely different reality from the one we live in.

  4. Christy Wittmer

    One thing I have noticed, among my friends and sometimes I find myself in the situation, is that the thought of having to actually call someone scares us to death sometimes. Face to face communication, or calling someone seems to be losing its value. We have gone from “I’ll call you” to “I’ll text you.”

    The Internet is a scary place. I think it would be interesting to see a list of all the people I have communication with before, even if it was just a simple YouTube chat, but never met (or never will) in my life.

    We are so connected to our technology we feel the thought of not having it would kill us. Actually I had to go without a phone all of last summer, and I actually loved it. It was actually pretty nice not to be bothered all the time or constantly checking and sending texts. But I had to stay in communication regardless and I did most of that through Facebook.

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