Is the news becoming too focused on negativity?

Posted by: Kelly Hendricks

Sarah Palin is at it again – at least that’s what people thought when she had supposedly bad-mouthed Christina Aguilera. As it turns out, the situation was fabricated and Palin had said nothing bad about her. According to an article on, US Weekly was the magazine that reported quotes from her as being factual, but the truth came out later that her “comments” were never even made. Palin had even defended Aguilera against people that gave her bad reviews on her performance at the Super Bowl. The media just wanted to catch her making (another) mistake.

Christopher Lee, a congressman, has also been the topic of conversation recently for posting a shirtless photo of himself on craigslist. I do not follow politics much, but I do think it is a problem when the first time I hear about a congressman is when he did something wrong – not something positive he was a part of.

Lately, every magazine or newspaper I look at is about entertainment rather than news. And not just normal “he said, she said” entertainment, it is all based on negativity. In my opinion, celebrity gossip is taking over.

Photo Courtesy of istockphoto

The media are too focused on trying to catch people in the wrong rather than getting the actual news out. Miley Cyrus and her not-so-innocent self have been a popular topic lately, but when was the last time something positive was said about her? She has made mistakes just like any other teenager, but what should have her in the lime-light is her music, TV show and movies.

With magazines like People and Star out there, our society is taking a step back and no longer reading Time or Reader’s Digest. Publicists are turning towards rumors about stars and their life stories rather than letting people know what is really going on in the world. Before even checking if rumors are true, it has become quite apparent that reporters are just running to their computers in order to get their (deceiving) stories out before someone else does. Getting magazines sold, making money and paying the bills are apparently the only important things right now.

Photo Courtesy of istockphoto

Celebs get so much publicity and are being interviewed all the time, but there are so many other issues that people need to hear about other than who Reese Witherspoon is with. The worst part is, a lot of the statements made in interviews are taken out of context and fabricated.

How reliable do you think everything you read and/or hear about is? Do you ever wonder if articles and news are true and have been fact checked? Do you believe all the negative things that are said about celebrities and politicians?


4 responses to “Is the news becoming too focused on negativity?

  1. It’s interesting to think about the issue in a chicken/egg fashion – do magazines publish distasteful, incorrect garbage and then the public reads it? Or do the magazines write for the demand they receive from their audience?

  2. Media outlets are so concerned with ratings and quarterly profit earnings that they are starting to forget what they were intended to do… report the news! When Carmelo Anthony trade rumors and Lindsay Lohan rehab adventures are getting more press than the revolution in Egypt then we have a serious problem with our news sources. There is a time and place for celebrity gossip (especially negative gossip), but it isn’t the front page.

  3. People blame the media for reporting bad news in a way that is completely hypocritical. They wouldn’t run stories like that if people didn’t watch and read them. That’s what capitalism is all about. Another example of this is movies today. My friend commented the other day about how bad movies have gotten, from comedies to action, they’re all just bad. But then I pointed out, “You still go to see them. I don’t see you going to ‘The King’s Speech’, you’re still going to movies like ‘Hall Pass’.”

  4. The chicken/egg issue is interesting. And yes, people do like reading about bad news.

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