Prince William: The Next Comic Book Hero?

Posted by Laura Jordan

Wednesday morning, graphic novel publishers Bluewater Productions announced their newest title: The Royals, featuring HRH Prince William of Wales and his fiancé Kate Middleton.

Photo courtesy of Bluewater Productions

Playing off the hype of the couple’s upcoming wedding, the comic will focus on Prince Wills‘ relationship with Middleton and their plans for the royal ceremony. The first issue is set to release in April, with a collector’s edition reprint in May.

This isn’t Bluewater’s first comic based on real people. The Beatles, President Obama, J.K. Rowling, and even Barbara Walters (with Ellen DeGeneres, Meredith Veira, and Oprah – as the ‘Female Force’ of media) have all received the comic book treatment. President of Bluewater, Darren Davis, is confident in the comic biographies. “The comic allows Bluewater to delve into the celebrity culture and understand how a person rises to fame, deals with the newfound celebrity and continue to produce in the public eye,” Davis says in the comic’s press release.

Pew Research Center conducted a survey asking the public their opinion about celebrity coverage. A huge number of people think there’s too much – and that it’s the fault of the reporters and news organizations.

How does media play a role in the creation of celebrities? Are we, as journalists, responsible for the creation of celebrities like Wills and Kate, or (another famous Kate) Kate Gosselin? Do news outlets underestimate the public’s interest or ability to comprehend ‘hard news’? Do news stories about which flowers Kate will choose take too much attention away from stories about the gunfire erupting in Egypt?


2 responses to “Prince William: The Next Comic Book Hero?

  1. It frustrates me, not only as a student journalist, but as a media consumer, how much attention celebrities get in the mainstream media. I think there is a time and place for all subjects in news, including celebrities. However, hearing about how Lindsey Lohan got arrested for another DUI on my local 5 o’clock news is not the place for it.

    I think sometime media outlets forget their audience. If someone wanted to hear about the latest celebrity gossip, they’d most likely be watching Entertainment Tonight, not the local news station. While celebrities might sell, as journalists, we have to remember that we are held accountable to a set of standards, most often the SPJ Code of Ethics. “Give voice to the voiceless” is one standard listed under the “Seek Truth and Report it” heading. As journalists, it is not our responsibility to feed people’s obsessions with celebrities. Instead, we should focus on more important issues, like giving voices to the voiceless. Celebrities have a loud enough voice already.

  2. I think there is too much celebrity coverage but at the same time our society thrives on reading about entertainment and hearing about the recent celebrities in rehab. Like Katie said, there does not to be a time and a place though. A lot of bigger things are happening in the world that are more important than Lindsay Lohan messing up her life again.

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