MySpace: time to give up or give it another go?

Posted by: Kelly Hendricks

We all remember the MySpace days – full of LOLZ, O.M.G and tYpInG LiKe tHis.

Once Facebook emerged, people left MySpace. According to this video by Techmate, back when it was popular in 2005, MySpace was bought for $580 million. The site lost its members and is now down to about 66 million users as Facebook is at 500 million. Should MySpace shut down? Or should it try to reinvent itself and compete with Facebook?

According to the video, MySpace is going to try to make a comeback for the last time. This is possibly its last chance as Facebook is no longer its only competition. Twitter has become popular lately and the “tweets” that are similar to the status updates on Facebook are what people are interested in. MySpace’s new idea was to redesign and become an entertainment site for music, TV shows and videos. But I think its best option is to create a new kind of “status update” application. On Facebook and Twitter, the main component is letting people know what you are doing at the moment. People “creep” on others to see what they did over the weekend, but MySpace has nothing like this. If it was able to create a new dimension to the status updates/ tweets, I think that would give it the upper hand.

All three social networking sites have a way to “comment” other people and post pictures/ videos. MySpace needs to find a way or an idea to do something different than these other sites. There is nothing that separates it from the others, and now would be a good time to take a risk because as was stated in the video, MySpace admitted to being “powned” by Facebook.

Perhaps a way to incorporate blogging into MySpace might be a new angle. People like sharing what they are doing and what their plans are, so maybe MySpace could try to converge with a site like Maybe they could try to do something with fitness and working out or online shopping. At this point, MySpace could try anything instead of “sucking wind” like the video stated. It wouldn’t hurt to try something unique because if it doesn’t make improvements soon, the wind could quite possibly blow MySpace over forever.

For those who are still on MySpace, why do you still have an account? And for those who don’t have one, what ideas do you have to improve the site so it can get more users?


10 responses to “MySpace: time to give up or give it another go?

  1. I’d have to say it’s time for MySpace to throw in the towel. Facebook keeps beating them to the punch on just about everything, such as applications. No one is going to revert back to MySpace when they’re already so hooked on Facebook. For my friends and I, MySpace is reminiscent to junior high, back when it mattered how many “friends” you had and who commented what on someone’s picture.

    I think MySpace’s downfall came with all the spamming and “friend-trains.” Facebook offered a cleaner, simpler version of MySpace, while taking MySpace’s best traits and expanding on them.

    I’ll admit I still have my MySpace, but only for sentimental reasons. I can’t remember the last time I’ve looked at it, but I’m bound to log in after posting this. If anything it holds sentimental values for me and can always provide a laugh because of how cool the 15 year-old version of myself thought she was.

    • I agree with you Alyssa, on the fact that MySpace was really about how many “friends” you had. That brings me back to the days of “Top 8.” When your profile would display your “Top 8 friends” of your choice. Because MySpace was a hit in middle school, that’s sometimes how you could tell when someone was mad at you or not — if you were moved down on their list. This just makes me so much happier that Facebook and Twitter are what everyone is addicted to and no longer MySpace. MySpace is dead and gone.

  2. I agree, MySpace will most likely die out completely soon. I have to give them credit for their efforts to make a comeback though. I feel like they had their run just like Xanga did back in the day but unless they come out with some amazing improvements they have no chance competing with Facebook.

    And I don’t have my MySpace anymore but it is fun when I hear about the site to think back on the memories of it when we were all so young and naive.

  3. And someday, no doubt, we’ll all look back with nostalgia at Facebook as its popularity wanes and we all migrate to The Next Big Thing.

    Or is Facebook “too big to fail”?

  4. I don’t know about too big to fail, but I do think that Facebook is going to stick around for awhile. The easy, simple design has captured SO many people in different demographic groups.

    I do see a new sort of social networking site for specific business purposes on the horizon. Any idea of what new idea this site could have that Facebook doesn’t, or who they could aim to target?

  5. ryanthomasaustin

    I never did like Myspace…way too “messy” looking and hard to navigate. I won’t shed any tears when it finally goes under. It DOES seem to have reorganized/re-branded itself as a music website, however.

  6. Chelsey Teachout

    I never gave MySpace a chance. My relationship with social media progressed slowly because my mother was concerned about online safety. Eventually Facebook won us both over because of its safety settings. Even though I don’t use status updates on a daily basis, I still enjoy viewing others’.

    I hardly hear “MySpace” slip from anyone’s lips. Because it does not offer as many appealing safe, fun or interactive features, I feel MySpace is slipping off the grid.

  7. I got a laugh when I saw that you had the option to Tweet this or post to your Facebook. Sorry MySpace you’re just not there. I remember the hassles of MySpace. It was gaudy and appealed to younger audiences. I used to say I would never switch to Facebook until I hit high school and saw it as a more mature setting to go to for the next step of college. So I dropped MySpace in a second and was immediately relieved with how easy and CALM Facebook was. Not a lot of frills and lights threatening to distort your reading or give you a seizure.

    Nobody ever asks me anymore if I have MySpace. It’s, “I’ll add you on Facebook.” It’s no longer a question but an assumption. Sorry MySpace.

  8. I’ve only kept my Myspace active to keep tabs on my younger family members that haven’t moved to Facebook yet. Whenever I log in to check messages, my eyes kind of want to bleed. The Myspace homepage is ridiculously full. The background is an ad. The boxes to the left, top, and bottom of the log-in space are ads. Things are videos and animations going. If Myspace plans to try again, they need to reconsider the entire site design. Part of the appeal of Facebook and Twitter is their simplicity. Myspace has way too much going on.

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