InStyle magazine launches effective shopping site

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Posted by Katherine Dewitt

With so many new magazine apps coming out, it’s comforting to see a magazine go old school and launch a new site specifically for its audience. Time Inc.’s InStyle, a fashion and beauty lifestyle magazine, launched an online shopping site,, Nov. 30.

Amy Wicks from Women’s Wear Daily [WWD] says the site is the first-ever independent shopping site to branch off from a magazine. Straightforward and easy to use, Time Inc. built the site to help shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for. According to, Stylefind will feature fashion and beauty accessories from 150 retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Net-a-porter, Gap, J. Crew, Mulberry, Topshop, and Mango.

I think the site targets InStyle’s audience an effective way. Not everyone owns an iPad or an iPhone to use apps from, but almost everyone can go online to browse through InStyle’s new site. I think magazines should think about that when trying to target audience and make its media more interactive. It’s important to know your audience to generate revenue–and it looks like InStyle is doing this. Bonus: According to New York magazine, “For every purchase made via StyleFind at one of its 150 partner sites, Time Inc. gets an undisclosed cut of the transaction, unlike its celebrity-centric competitor, Google’s, which simply charges ‘small fees for directing traffic’ but doesn’t seem to get any sort of commission-type profit from purchases.” Sounds like a good deal for Time Inc., doesn’t it?

Journalism is headed toward so many different avenues such as Twitter, Facebook, online sites, apps, QR codes and more. Do you think all of these different approaches to expand media are a profitable way to keep journalism alive? I love the interactive way of journalism online, but I don’t think reading a Tweet that has to be under 140 characters is journalism. Stylefind is the perfect way to reach InStyle’s audience, easy to use and interactive.

“It will be like shopping with one of our magazine editors,” InStyle’s managing editor Ariel Foxman told WWD. “The experience is edited and the search function actually works. If you search for bags with a chain, you will actually see that, but in different price points and brands.”


7 responses to “InStyle magazine launches effective shopping site

  1. I really like this idea. While reading fashion magazines, I frequently get frustrated by the style spreads that don’t say where the clothes are from. Or if they do credit the stores, the clothes are impossible to afford or find. This new fashion website will connect readers to the magazine by offering them the styles seen directly on their magazine pages. And, the site offers cheaper alternatives. InStyle has a promising project in this site.

  2. Oh, Katherine. This site is nothing but bad-news-bears for me! Not only is InStyle one of my favorite magazines (It’s where I would love to work someday!), but I am an online shopping aficionado.

    All shopping vices aside, though, I do think InStyle made a smart decision to market to their audience this way. They know their audience loves to shop, so what better way to reach them than with a site all about shopping? This is exactly what magazines are going to have to do to maintain relevant and growing. Bravo, InStyle!

  3. katherine dewitt

    I’m sure I’ll be on the site more than I should be! I agree with you–I think InStyle is reaching its audience in an effective and simple way. Even though apps and other high-tech things are popular right now, I appreciate that InStyle launched this site. It’s something its audience will definitely use.

  4. One thing that always frustrates me about magazines is being unable to find featured products online. Terefore, I think this site is a great idea. I think it could translate easily to other magazines, as well. If they didn’t have enough content to fill a whole site, online mags could set up a store with links to featured products.

  5. I really like this idea! I think that with more and more apps coming out, it is pushing the media into the spotlight, helping the spread of journalism. I agree with Abby as well. I always want to find an item that I see in a magazine and can never find it online. I think this app will help with the consumption of magazines. It bridges the gap between adapting technology and magazines.

    Emily Carl

  6. Already a fan of, I checked out InStyle’s new site and loved it! I’m not the type of person that is really into the apps or smart phones or anything of the sort, so I really appreciate this more accessible (for me) format. I would love if my other favorite publications would do this for the items on their pages!

  7. This is a great idea and I can see why it is being so succesful. By creating an easy and accesible shopping website they are sure to get a lot of customers and more exposure. Good for them and I’m sure a lot more magazines will try to adopt the idea.

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