A Camera… in the Back of Your Head?

By: Chelsey Orlando



Heard of eyes in the back of your head? What about a camera?

As strange as it sounds, a New York University professor, Wafaa Bilal, had a camera surgically implanted into the back of his head.  As a photography professor he wanted to be able to photograph without actually having to use a hand held camera. He had it done last month for an art project.

Understanding that people do strange things for art, this seems a bit drastic.  Why anyone would have this done is beyond even the crazies. Personally I find it to be quite the experiment/art project. I mean, using it just in everyday life to see what’s behind you or to watch the class while writing on the board makes more sense than to just take photographs for a project.

Full story at cnn.com.




4 responses to “A Camera… in the Back of Your Head?

  1. I read about this today. I cannot believe that someone would do this!! I understand the meaning behind the project. The idea of having eyes in the back of the head is a common saying. To actually go ahead and do it takes bravery and a little craziness in my opinion. I am curious to find out what happens to the man.

  2. Wow, I’m having a hard time believing someone actually did this. In my short stories class this semester, we talked about the lengths people go for art. Art is subjective, and just that, art. It is different to different people. For this professor, having a camera inserted in the back of his head is vital.

  3. This is definitely an extreme measure to go take for art! I think it’ll be really cool to see the results of his work though. I had seen the story earlier and it reminded me of a French artist Orlan (www.orlan.net), who films herself getting plastic surgery under general anesthesia so that she’s awake during the procedures. A little crazy but definitely interesting.

  4. This is certainly very quirky. It’s his own head and his own decision, so if this is something he truly believes to be useful then more power to him. It would be interesting to see what kind of results the projects yields. But I have never seen anything like this.

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