Women of the Year

By Heather Hall

Between the pages of fashion advice and beauty tips of Glamour magazine was something more empowering. The Women of 2010.

Athletes such as Lindsey Vonn, Mia Hamm, and Lisa Leslie; Fashion Designer Donatella Versace; and Legend Cher were all featured.  Julia Roberts was also a woman of the year because “There are not a lot of people who can do everything she does, and be brilliant, and be gorgeous, and raise all those children,” said actress Joanne Woodward.

From Twitter

Constance McMillen fought her school when they wouldn’t allow her to bring her girlfriend to the prom. Katie Spotz, journeyed from Senegal, West Africa to French Guiana, in South America in order to be the youngest person to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She didn’t just do it for the title though, she did it to raise money for her cause: clean drinking water. Dr. Abdi and her daughters have been running a clinic since 1983 in Somalia, one of the most dangerous countries, where most charities refuse to enter.

Queen Rania of Jordan is focused on empowering and educating women and girls. She, as well as all 18 of the world’s female leaders were all recognized. “They are, quite literally, the most powerful women on earth.”

And, for the cover girl Woman of the Year, Fergie was chosen. The woman who is described as having “soaring vocals and dare-you-to-look-away sex appeal.” Ever since she joined the Black Eyed Peas in 2003, she has symbolized sex appeal. She works for AIDS and cancer causes, she launched a fragrance, married a hunk, all while still maintaining a girl-next-door appeal.

“Even through disappointments and rejection, there was something inside of me that wouldn’t give up. I’m a survivor, and I’m very driven,” said Fergie.

The magazine shows that even though it is a fashion magazine, there’s more to women then just looking good. The thing I love most about this spread is the fact that not all of these women are famous. Some of them are, yes, but they’re not Women of the Year because of how many movies they’ve done, or how many drugs they’ve been busted for. These are real women who are hard-working, empowering, and inspiring.


2 responses to “Women of the Year

  1. I have always been a huge fan of Glamour. I think their magazine provides a very positive and inspiring message to its readers about what women can accomplish and be. Additionally, their articles reach out to such a large variety of women. Glamour caters to the married woman, the single woman, all ages, all body types and all backgrounds. Not to mention, Glamour is the publication that made me decide to major in magazine journalism.

  2. I completely agree with you. I love how Glamour chosen women who have accomplished goals of varying avenues and degrees. These women are varied, just like the magazine’s audience. This spread helps young women see excellent role models, instead of skinny models or fashion advice. Magazines do have power over readers. I applaud Glamour for showcasing women who are making a positive difference.

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