Make Your Holiday Shopping Easier with Apps

Posted by: Hilary Dietz

Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season.


With the holiday shopping frenzy only three  days away, I am always looking for ways to get around the crowds. Anything to make a shopping trip stress free (or at least a little less stressful) is worth a shot.

For people that spend their day searching for new applications for their smart phones, your shopping trip is about to get easier. There are numerous new apps that help plan shopping lists, compare prices, and find coupons and sales.

ShopSavvy iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Scan any barcode with your phone’s camera and compare the best prices on the Internet and in local stores.

Price Check for iPhone

Easily compare prices from your wish list on

MobiQpons for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Keep track of local deals with this app. Just show the cashier the mobile coupon and watch how much you save!

TGI Black Friday for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

A must for all you brave, Black Friday shoppers; start planning your trip with deals that come out before the Black Friday ads. Check frequently for up-to-date prices.

Are you going to be one of the brave Black Friday shoppers or are you a last-minute shopper? Before you head to the mall and fight the crowds, load your smart phone with the latest apps to make the shopping season less stressful.


2 responses to “Make Your Holiday Shopping Easier with Apps

  1. I faced Black Friday for the first time ever this year, and I feel as though I successfully conquered Coralville Mall without apps. Although the deals seemed less than satisfactory, I Googled “coupons for…” before braving the crowds in Iowa City, Iowa last Friday. Aside from the pre-Black Friday coupon search, my shopping extravaganza was technology-free.

    If someone is willing to spend that much time searching for the deals through technology, they might as well shop online. Part of the fun is digging through piles of disorganized clothing with no rhyme or reason.

  2. Congrats on making it out alive! Each year I tell myself I will venture out and experience a true 4:00 Black Friday, but have not built up enough courage to trek to Woodfield Mall. I’m still just fascinated that someone thinks of an app for everything. I’m on email lists for enough stores that even with a smartphone, I likely would not utilize the apps either. But I agree that people might as well just shop online and save the gas they would use looking for a parking spot.

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