Kelly Osbourne’s Sexy Shape Magazine Cover

By: J. Sydnie Goodwin

Kelly Osbourne


“Is that Kelly Osbourne?!”

You may find yourself asking that exact question while waiting in line at your local supermarket, taking a quick glance at the December issue of Shape magazine. And the answer is… Yes. Kelly Osbourne graces the latest cover of Shape magazine, looking better than ever, and absolutely loving it.

“I was called fat and ugly in the press almost my entire life. I understand that being judged by others comes with territory, but it broke my heart and ruined my self esteem. It sets you up to hate yourself in a huge way. I was so angry about the things people said about me. I truly believe it’s the main reason I turned to Vicodin and ended up in rehab three times. I just hated myself,” Osbourne told Shape magazine.

Everything turned around for Osbourne, when Dancing with the Stars called in 2009, and asked for her to join the cast. She happily accepted. Not only did Osbourne do well on the show, but she also began losing weight and getting into shape.

Now, the trim 26-year-old has shed a total of 50 pounds, and is living a healthy lifestyle. “I never thought in a million years I’d be that healthy girl who wakes up every morning to exercise,” she said.

Osbourne’s transformation has been life changing. She even confessed to getting emotional on the set of the Shape magazine photo shoot, because it was the first time she had ever been in a two piece bikini. Mother, Sharon Osbourne, also got emotional on the set of The Talk, after seeing behind the scenes footage of her daughters photo shoot.

Cheers to you, Shape magazine, for putting Osbourne on the cover. Your readers are real people, and it’s refreshing to see a real person who has struggled with real weight issues on the cover instead of a sickly skinny model.


4 responses to “Kelly Osbourne’s Sexy Shape Magazine Cover

  1. Jessica Anderson

    I agree that this is awesome. I really don’t understand why covers like these don’t happen more often–they always receive such great feedback from readers because for once readers can relate to the women on them. Readers love seeing these real/success stories. Look at the Dove Campaign or the Glamour cover that showed a plus size model posing right next to two swimsuit models.

  2. Kelly Osbourne has transformed her life—there’s no denying that. She has never looked better and her story is inspirational for women. I agree with Jess, if magazines were more willing to feature accessible role models such as Osbourne, “Shape” and other popular titles would be more widespread among average consumers.

  3. I agree with the other two comments. I think that magazines have to start listening more to what their audiences want instead of falling into the trap of doing what has worked in the past – skinny, beautiful models that we can never live up to. Why don’t magazines focus more on making people feel good about themselves and get motivated? I don’t like seeing what Seventeen magazine is teaching girls these days. Sure, they have motivational and love yourself for who you are articles sporadically throughout the issue. But what is the rest of the issue filled with? Diets, make-up and hair tips, and how to make the guy of your dreams fall for you. I wonder how much research goes into producing and finding out the repercussions for magazines.

  4. I agree with everyone’s comments thus far. This issue has gotten such good feedback, as well as the issue of Glamour that Jessica A. mentioned that feature plus-size model Crystal Renn. It is refreshing to know that some publications are actually taking reader feedback into consideration. Glamour is a great publication as far as using lots of different sized models, and I hope that Shape and other mags continue to follow their example.

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