Jane Pratt and Tavi Gevinson collaborate to launch new fashion magazine

photo from racked.com

Posted by Katherine Dewitt

Tavi Gevinson, 14-year-old fashion blogger of Style Rookie and Jane Pratt, founder of Jane and Sassy magazine will launch a new fashion magazine together.

Gevinson is ahead of her time—already mentioned as a “Vogueista” in Vogue and featured in a New York Times magazine story, this girl is nationally known for her famous fashion blogs written at such a young age. Gevison mentioned her love for Sassy in her blog:

“You guys may know how I feel about Sassy. You also may know that I’ve been babbling about how I think our generation should get one, too. Jane Pratt, founding editor and then EIC of Sassy, also became aware, and emailed me, and we’ve met a couple times, and it looks like we’re going to start a magazine for an audience of wallflowerly teenage girls.”

Gevinson pens in her blog that the magazine won’t be “the rebirth of Sassy,” but  rather a “point of reference” when creating the publication. She doesn’t think there can be a recreation as great as Sassy. Do you think she’s right? Do you think individuals can launch a magazine when times are tough for publications? Thankfully, the two will be publishing online, too. This can help reach a wider age range of readers, since younger people are reported to be more interested in news online than in print.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, there will be a website and three issues each year.  The website will be up by this spring and it’s first issue will publish in fall 2011. What do you think Gevinson should do to make sure the magazine doesn’t go under? Enough publications are shutting down right now. Launching an entirely new magazine is even harder than keeping one going.

Look for the magazine as spring approaches and if you’re interested, e-mail Gevinson at MagazineSubmissionsAreFun@gmail.com to become part of the team. Gevison and Pratt haven’t decided on a title and they’re looking for ideas from anyone. What would you pitch? What do you think it takes to start a magazine at a rough time for journalism like this?


6 responses to “Jane Pratt and Tavi Gevinson collaborate to launch new fashion magazine

  1. I think it’s a good idea for the magazine to go online first, before the first issue comes out, because as you pointed out, younger people are more likely to spend time online and look at it, and there is a greater chance that teens will come across it without even trying (for example, if they Google “Fashion Blogs” a link to it will probably pop up somewhere).

    I think the best thing the magazine can do to try to keep from going under is use social networking for publicity. It could make Facebook groups, or Facebook events for chances to win a free issue or subscription. Between Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs, the magazine has a lot of options for getting the word out to its target audience.

    • Thanks for your comment! Yes, I agree. It’s definitely a good decision to go online before the first issue comes out. I’m looking forward to read the mag!

  2. The best benefit would definitely be their publishing online. The fact that she’s pretty much launching this entire magazine by herself is tough. We talk all the time about how big publications are going under, I can only imagine how difficult it would be alone. Using social media to the fullest and figuring out how to hit the top pages on a Google search are huge keys to staying successful online and even in print.

  3. I think it will be able to start and stay afloat if it has enough of a niche. Sure, it’s meant for wall-flowery teens, but what other magazines go for teenage girls? If its target audience is definitely not the normal try-to-be-cool teenage girls who would be into Seventeen or Self, then I think it has a chance.
    Also, printing only three times a year will be good to wade into the waters. It won’t have super high costs, and if it gets more successful, there is always room to publish more issues.

  4. I’m amazed that a 14 year old has the talent to be recognized as a legitimate blog writer. That’s astounding. It’s a very tough market they are about to take on, there are already too many magazines targeted towards that age group and even though their approach seems a bit different, it will be very hard to stay afloat. They are going to have to really emphasize the online version of the magazine and I hope there is someone with a lot of money behind the project. It will take time for this magazine to be successful if ever.

  5. jessicalanderson

    I think that you can launch a magazine when times are tough as long as you know what you are doing and have something new that isn’t already out there. From the sound of it, Jane Pratt certainly has the experience in magazines for this new publication to succeed, and Tavi Gevinson has a successful blog with a unique fan base that will most likely follow her next exploits. To not go under, they will need to create a strong magazine, one with a clear new vision, a dedicated fan base, and vicious promotion through social media and other online websites.

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