Pulse News Reader: One solution for journalists

Posted by Abby Wolner

50 Under 50, Isamu Sanada

Pulse News Reader, an app for mobile devices, offers hope to the dismal doom of print journalism.

Alphonso Labs in California developed the app.  It allows users to see all of their news sources at once.  Users can browse top stories, which, then, link to the original source.

The app, launched in May, will now be free.  The New York Times reported that the goal of this new move “is to attract more users, an with them, paid partnerships with publishers and advertisers.” This makes sense: more traffic equals more money from advertisers.  But is it enough?

We know that advertising is the main form of revenue for publishing companies, but we also know that online advertising is far cheaper than that of print.  Is increased traffic all it takes to bring in more funding?

Something has to change, we know that for sure.  Sometimes, however, it feels like there is no good answer.  Pulse offers a solution.  Other publications do well using pay walls.  I guess the question I really want to ask is, how can we, the journalists, help transform our field?  There are a lot of technical possibilities, but there are also a lot of terrified reporters clinging to their newsprint when what they really need to do is enter the conversation.


One response to “Pulse News Reader: One solution for journalists

  1. This is a very interesting app. I think that it will help people stay informed and it will promote reading news. By reaching out to the public in a very “21st century-like manner,” people will be encouraged to stay connected with the news.

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