Facebook vs Google Round One?

Courtesy of: watblog.com

Posted By: Eduardo Tamez

It’s always interesting to see industry titans going at each other. It’s even more compelling to watch when they decide to attack each other in such childish and petty-like manner. But that’s how website moguls react.

The conflict between Facebook and Google began when Facebook denied sharing data with Google. This despite the fact that Facebook reached an agreement to share user data with Microsoft and their search engine Bing back in October.

With the new partnership between Microsoft and Facebook, you can now search for Facebook users on Bing and will begin applying “likes” and comments to their search engine. Say for example, you type in McDonald’s, people who have “liked” the restaurant on Facebook or commented on it will appear on the Bing website.

Of course, this has to be interpreted as a major slap to the face to Google. They are after all, the biggest and most important search engine in the internet and want in on this new social interaction that Microsoft and Facebook have promoted.

Angered by the partnership, Google decided to implement their own tiny ban on Facebook. Claiming that they would not share information with a company that fails to do so reciprocally, Google no longer allows people to download contact information from Gmail through Facebook.

And when you have such a powerful social network service, of course you are going to have people who are technologically savvy to work past this. So what did Facebook do? It created an alternate option, installing a button that allows people to download their contact information to their computer and after they do so, they can browse the information through Facebook.

So Facebook and Google are fighting nowadays and it’s relevant to keep an eye on it because who knows what other types of “bans” they will use to retaliate at one another. Maybe Google will not allow Facebook notifications to send to Gmail anymore. Perhaps Google will not advertise on Facebook or maybe Facebook will stop allowing Gmail.com e-mail accounts in their website. If you are a Gmail user and a Facebook user, so should keep an eye to how this all unravels. A feud like this usually does not consider the audience, but rather their business needs.

Google has to be concerned for the kind of social experience that Facebook and Bing are about to unravel as Bing continues to build their social database. Binding together search with personal comments and “likes” is something that will make searching more personalized and more popular for Bing. It will be intriguing to observe how Facebook and Google manipulate each other to try and get the other side to bend. It sure will be entertaining.


3 responses to “Facebook vs Google Round One?

  1. Nicole Sternhagen

    I find this really petty, and rather funny. You are completely accurate in describing them as two-year olds fighting with each other. I really don’t like Facebook sharing ANY information, with Bing OR Google. It just goes to show we need to be more careful than ever about the information we put on the web – or in this case what we ‘like’.

  2. Great article! Their spat does seem a bit childish and, like you said, we should keep an eye out for retaliations. Although it seems a bit exaggerated that google would no longer allow facebook notifications to be sent to gmail, if this gets blown out of proportion it could be a possibility. I also agree with Nicole Sternhagen, I don’t think facebook should share users’ information, especially without their consent.

  3. I think it’s perfectly fine that they are doing this. There’s obviously something they don’t like about each other, so they chose not to cut a deal. If they want to do this, it is a bit embarrassing for them, but it’s there choice.

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