Rally to Restore Journalism?

Posted by: Emily Carl

In an age where almost anybody with a pen, a computer or an opinion can be a journalist, the constant stream of news and information has become more difficult to filter. Legitimate forms of news are being challenged by the influx of media based on bias or opinion. From TV shows to newspapers, the media has been infiltrated with talk hosts and column writers broadcasting their beliefs and ideals to whoever will listen. The constant rapport among these journalists have left people ready to make a change. This caused Jon Stewart to hold a rally this weekend in Washington D.C. named aptly, “Rally to Restore Sanity.” The rally did something different; journalists were not invited.

Just a few weeks earlier, Conservative commentator for Fox News, Glen Beck, held a rally on the mall in Washington D.C. as the “Rally to Restore Honor” to commemorate American soldiers’ sacrifices and to restore the scars America has suffered from its history by turning back to God.

To refute that rally, Jon Stewart invited people this past weekend to challenge journalist Beck on his ideas. Over two hundred thousand attended the rally, calling attention to the dying practice of objective journalism. The rally claimed that too few journalists are holding on to their moral as the “watchdog” role of critiquing the government and society. Instead, those at the rally feel journalists are becoming puppets for the government based on their opinion or political ties. Host Stewart began the rally with a speech claiming that journalists are less likely to place a magnifying glass on issues and more likely to create a firestorm on issues.

Rally attendants called to restore journalism to its definition of unbiased and objective reporting. Time will only tell to determine if the public’s cries for change are answered.


One response to “Rally to Restore Journalism?

  1. I’m really glad you posted on this, and I really wanted to go to the rally! I think that Stewart was right, and placing a magnifying glass on issues is the perfect way to describe what journalists should be doing. I think there are too many news sources out there that are biased, and I do not want to get my information on issues from them because I want all sides to a story. I also think there are always more than two sides to an issue, and objective journalism would be at its best if it included all these different sides.

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