Wired cover-up

Posted by Jill Van Wyke

Our recent discussions on what’s appropriate (or not) on magazine covers prompted me to post this. The Des Moines airport book shop has deemed the November Wired cover too risqué and given Wired the “Penthouse treatment.”

Here’s the cover, and here’s how the airport book shop displayed it:

November 2010 Wired

The "Penthouse treatment"

Returning home, I noticed the Louisville, Ky., airport made no such cover-up attempt.


One response to “Wired cover-up

  1. I’m just wondering who the airport thinks they’re protecting with a cover-up. TV is overflowing with at least that much cleavage and movies just let it all hang out. As a society we’re becoming desensitized to everything, so why not nudity? In Europe there are nude beaches and the naked body isn’t something to be afraid of, so who’s to say we’re getting more risque. Maybe we’re just getting less embarrassed by what is natural. But that’s just my opinion.

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