Apple Named ‘Marketer of the Decade’

Posted by Jackie Wallentin

Who doesn’t have an iPod? Very few. Ad Age would agree.

The magazine, which discusses news on marketing and media, named Apple the Marketer of the Decade on Monday. Apple has won Ad Age’s Marketer of the Year title once before, and has been runner-up numerous times. Now, its wait is over.

I think even loyal PC users would give Apple props on the award.

From the launch of the iPod in 2001 and the ‘Get a Mac’ campaigns with John Hodgeman and Justin Long in 2006 to the iPhone in 2007, Apple’s advertising campaigns have only gotten smarter with time.

The classic iPod silhouette ads colored the pages of magazines as Apple’s simple, white headphones became iconic. Over 250,000 applications are available for download in the App Store, with approximately 6,500,000,000 downloads since July 2008.

Nowhere else has branding and marketing come together so beautifully. And, Apple is succeeding.

Apple’s advertising reinforces the quality and innovation of its products. The brand presents itself as clean, sleek and stylish, which is evident in Apple’s retail layout, billboards and television commercials.

It’s more than just coolness factor–Apple is a leader. Apple is worth $274 billion, more than Microsoft, Google and Hewlett Packard.

At times, my MacBook is my best friend. (Its name is Blanche.) She has never gotten a virus, broken or deleted my work. I trust Apple’s products. I applaud Apple’s customer service. I envy the creativity behind Apple’s advertising team.

What other brand can come close to such customer loyalty? What brand garners such awe at its innovation? I have one answer: Apple.


5 responses to “Apple Named ‘Marketer of the Decade’

  1. And don’t forget the iPad. Apple sold 8 million since launching the iPad in April. Some predict sales of over 43 million in 2011.

    Although I drink the Apple Kool-Aid, I think it erred in exclusively tethering its iPhone to AT&T for so long. Many Apple fans and Verizon customers, me included, gave up waiting for the iPhone to migrate to Verizon and bought a non-Apple smart phone such as Droid. And you know what? They’re pretty darn good phones. I’m completely satisfied with mine, and now I’m unlikely to switch to the (more expensive) iPhone when it does jump to Verizon next year. That could turn out to be a serious — and rare — misstep by Apple. It waited too long, and now that market may be gone.

    • Jackie Wallentin

      That is a very good point. The iPad is an entirely new market, and Apple currently controls it. I wouldn’t be surprised if sales do reach $43 million.

      And I also agree with your point about AT&T. I have Verizon and am very happy with the service. Would I like an iPhone? Sure, that would be awesome. But I’m not willing to switch providers. I think Apple would benefit by offering other providers. However, people who want an iPhone have bought an iPhone. They made the switch, made the effort. Not many people want to do that. Their loyalty to AY&T has alienated some, but maybe Verizon can bring them back.

  2. Apple knows how to brand itself. That is one thing they definitely know how to do well. They know how to advertise. They know how to find their niche. And they know how to exploit exclusivity. I love Apple and use their products, but the PC v. Mac debates annoy me, because half the time, it’s Apple fanboys saying how much been a Mac is than a PC. That’s a pointless argument. They’re totally different brands, doing different things. I have had my Mac malfunction about three times in the two years I’ve had it. But your point about their customer service is spot on. They have the best, and you pay for it in the ticket price. Which is well worth it. And boy, I’ll tell you what, Apple products are shinier.

    • Haha, I concur. Apple products are shiner 🙂

      I also see your point about the Mac vs. PC debate. I find myself defending Macs a lot with PC users, which is a waste of time. People will be loyal where they want to be.

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