Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s Wife is Missing!

By: Zachary Smith

According to Chinese Daily News, the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo was “an arrogant showcase of Western ideology”. Liu Xiao, the prize winner’s wife, has been updating the Western world on this current situation through her illegal (in China) Twitter account, which has now been shut down.

Her freedom, since the announcement from the Nobel Prize, has been more restricted.  Police last week would not let her leave her apartment, for fear that she would speak to Western media.

Is it fair for Western media to only look at the “Western” view of China’s actions?  If you were Liu Xiao, would you risk being jailed in order to communicate with Western media?

Kuang Biao, a political cartoonist for an independent Chinese newspaper, posted an image of a Nobel prize in a jail cell.  It has been reported that he was punished for publishing this cartoon.

MSNBC has been updating the story as more news unfolds.  Here is the latest news story.



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