Praise the Power of Live News.

Hugo Infante/Chilean government via

Today, as the world witnesses the ongoing rescue of 33 miners trapped underground in Chile, I’m reminded of the power of live news.

Sure, TiVo is awesome. DVR-ing Oprah’s interview with J.K. Rowling is a must for people whose daughters no longer have cable (thanks, Mom).

But live news does more than keep you from missing your favorite TV show.
Live news gives people all around the world the opportunity to come together and rejoice, like today, or to support one another in times of mourning, such as during the attacks on the United States on September 11th.

Live news allows people to connect across the globe over one singular event, one moment. It gives people a chance to reminisce, years later, about where they were when the first plane hit or when Obama was elected. In essence, live news is super-concentrated storytelling, and that’s why most people become journalists in the first place—to tell a story, and to connect people to one another through common experience.

The free Merriam-Webster dictionary online defines journalism as:

Jour-nal-ism noun \ˈjər-nəˌli-zəm\: the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media

Journalism, at its core, is providing the public with the news they need to know as accurately and efficiently as possible. Today, with the practice of live news using current technology and social media, we just keep getting better and better.

Watch the live feed of the rescue here.

Posted by Lindsay Scarpello


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