News Flash: Even Twitter Judges

By: J Sydnie Goodwin

With the launch of a new website called TweetLevel, there is an equation to rate your influence, popularity, engagement and trust on Twitter. Each score is rated out of 100, and the higher your score the more popular you are in the social network.

Created by @johnnybentwood and @alexparish, from Edelman Integrated Marketing, they “believe that it goes a great way to understand and quantify the varying importance of different people’s usage of Twitter, by no means whatsoever do [they] believe [they] have fully solved the ‘influence’ problem.”

On the homepage of TweetLevel, there is a list of the Top 20 Twitter Users categorized by influence, popularity, engagement, and trust. Influence is defined as how interesting something a person says, and is the primary ranking metric. Popularity is how many followers a person has. Engagement is how actively a person participates in their community. And, trust is how much people believe what a person says.

Just to put things into perspective, Justin Bieber is rated 97.5, while CNN Breaking News is rated a 95 in the trust category. Today, due to the rise of social networking and pop culture, the public believes Justin Bieber is easier to trust than an actual news source.

Does anyone else find this scary?

Not only do I find this alarming that our generation is more likely to believe a teenage heartthrob than a credible source, but I’m somewhat offended I only have a score of 13. Sure, I check out Twitter every now and then, but I don’t need TweetLevel to break it down for me, with a description under each category explaining my low score and unpopularity.

Apparently, my influence could increase if I followed more people and engaged with them. My engagement is low because of the way I interact with my community, and my trust score is low because the content I tweet is either not credible, interesting, or newsworthy – oh, but Justin Bieber fulfills the trust category? – And then they try and make me feel better by saying that my popularity score is low but can easily be fixed. Perfect, thank you TweetLevel!

So, check out your score, and decide for yourself… But don’t’ say I didn’t warn you.


One response to “News Flash: Even Twitter Judges

  1. I’m always a little skeptical of these Twitter rankings, but I couldn’t resist plugging in my name. Influence: 41.9. Popularity: 40. Engagement: 52.9. Trust: 22.5.

    I giggled that the satirical Onion News Network outscored me by more than 40 points. And I outscored PBS’ “Frontline” documentary show.

    Clearly, TweetLevel’s logarithm is flawed!

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