Assignment for Sept. 30/Oct. 4

Posted by Jill Van Wyke

Please read:

  • Coaching Writers, chapter 10, Coaching for Clarity
  • Working With Words
    • ch. 3, pages 43-46, pronoun case
    • ch. 11, Writing as a Journalist
  • Writing Tools 13 and 14

MW class: Quick quiz on spelling, tricky words, pronoun case

Looking ahead:

For Oct. 5/6, you’ll need to find, read and bring to class an article on a complicated topic about which you know nothing. Keep your eyes peeled for one.

AP Style Stars

  • Oct. 4, Zach Smith, politics/government
  • Oct. 5, Laura W., crime/courts
  • Oct. 6, Jackie W., religion
  • Oct. 7, Kristen S., geography

Blog deadlines

  • Sept. 29: Wittren, DeWitt
  • Sept. 30: Bannister, Anderson, Bergl
  • Oct. 4: Dietz, Foster, Boal
  • Oct. 5: Goodwin, Carl, Collins
  • Oct. 6: Krstulic, Landes,  Hall
  • Oct. 7: Kowalski, Mason

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