Twitter: the Death of Magazines?

Posted by Nicole Sternhagen

We’ve all heard that the magazine industry is supposedly dying.

Did you ever think that part of the decline of magazines could be realted to social media?

The Twitter phenomena is still relatively new, so it is hard to say if it will have a significant impact on magazines. With the onslaught of information coming from stars who tweet, who would care to read about a celebrity already tweeting straight to fans’ phones 24 hours a day?

Zach Baron of the Sound of the City blog thinks that artists don’t need magazines to reach the public anymore; they would rather do it themselves with social media. Kayne West is one such artist utilizing Twitter to shut out media and reach his fans personally.

I disagree. Tweets are short sentences only using 140 characters that tell us bits of information about the random things people are up to; 140 characters would do no one justice in trying to convey passion about their work or even satisfy a question. Many emotional stories have been told, in depth, using the magazine interview process. I don’t think I would be satisfied just knowing that my favorite artist had JuJu Juice today; I would want to know how that person feels about an upcoming tour or thoughts behind the new album. A tweet just does not go in depth enough to replace an entire spread in a magazine.

Do you follow a celebrity who tells you more than you would ever want to know with Twitter? Or are you left feeling like you don’t know anything substantial or noteworthy about this artist’s life or accomplishments?


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