safety in social media

Google hit with new privacy problem, engineer fired.

After reading this article, I began to think about all the privacy we give up in order to be involved with social media, or simply making a name for ourselves as journalists, professionals.

Google—the most resourceful internet site on the web—is having problems protecting the privacy of “personal data on Wi-Fi networks.” Should privacy policies be stricter? Who can be trusted with the power of social media?

If Google has employees creeping around the system in order to further personal lives, imagine the access producers of Foursquare have to users. For this medium we give up not only our general information (name, birthday, e-mail), but also our location; where we spend a majority of our time; places of interest.

The faces behind Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook could all be sketchy, old, sexually-fatigued men waiting to creep on naive women such as myself. I update my Twitter constantly, post pictures to Facebook and have no idea how to properly use Foursquare—I am the perfect candidate for media men.

Google is the “it” place to be. When potential employers type in our names, we hope they find insightful information into our lives: Articles we have written, job positions we have held in the past, dean’s list, everything!

Or do we? Because if an employer can find it, so can the stalker who moved in next door.


2 responses to “safety in social media

  1. OK, I’m alarmed. (And this is why I’m not on Foursquare.) What should we do? Are there some guidelines out there for protecting ourselves online?

  2. Sketchyyyyyyy. This is why I’m glad I do not foursquare and don’t use Twitter that often . . .

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