One response to “Journalists Defend Facebook Activities

  1. Ah, the ever-evolving etiquette of journalists and social media. It does strike me as weird when my Facebook feed shows that a reporter “likes Chet Culver” or “likes Terry Branstad.”

    That said, however, I understand why journalists want to track what candidates and public officials are doing on social media sites. Politicians can commit news on them. Example: Republican National Committee member Kim Lehman from Iowa tweeted to @Politico that President Obama “told the muslims that he IS a muslim” (sic). The Register and other media covered the ensuing dust-up.

    First, politicians and elected officials who use Facebook to further their careers should unlock those pages for people to follow without becoming “fans.”

    Second, journalists should only “fan” a page and should stay away from “liking” or commenting on specific posts.

    Third, journalists should “fan” the pages of politicians and advocacy groups across the spectrum. If you fan One Iowa, you should also fan Iowa for Freedom.

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